Monday, August 2, 2010

Free Pools Rock!

We have an extra all this week at our house. I'd call her company but that would be incorrect. Family isn't company, right?

So beautiful Butterfly is joining us this week, and I'm doing mini posts for her mom and sister that are in Detroit at a national competition. Good luck Fig Newton!!! And to my lovely friends that read still, these posts might not be all that exciting for you.

Today we took advantage of the beautiful pool on base. The best part is that it is free. And the kids were begging to go. That is a great combo in my book!
And they DON'T have a snack bar! We are allowed to bring our own snacks and drinks, which keeps the cost down even more!

I just wish I had figured all this out prior to the last month of summer!


  1. Sounds a lot like our neighborhood pool. Except we have homeowner's fees that pretty much pay for it - and no snack bar or lifeguard. But we can go whenever we want to! :)

  2. They just finished a new one at our base. I haven't taken the boys yet. It isn't free here, and it is still UNBEARABLY hot. I am pretty sure my redhead would just simply fry. But, it looks like you had fun, so maybe we should give it a try.

  3. Is that the pool in housing or the other one you were telling me about at the gym? I have yet to take the kids to the pool...and with school starting Tuesday, I don't see it happening... lol

  4. I use the pool by the gym. It doesn't get as crowded. There is no snackbar so remember to bring drinks for the kids.