Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If I Didn't Have Such A Sick Sense Of Humor.....

I'd be crying my eyes out right now.

This has been a week.

First, we have a kitchen sink with a hole in it. Yes. A hole. And it was there when we moved in, covered with putty underneath the sink. Which lasted about 4 months and then started leaking all over (as in on a large box of swifter duster pads which it ruined..and made me scream). So, maintenance came out. And put more putty on. Oh yes they did. And I knew the next call I would get something done.

And this last week was that time. Tired of the bowl under the sink to catch the water. Plus all of a sudden our water heater went out.

So since the middle of last week we have been without hot water 85% of the time. And this weekend to now? 100% of the time.

But that's not so bad really. We just went to the gym to take showers. A benefit of living on an Air Force Base is the free gym for military members. Loving it this week! And Mighty Mouse even thought it was cool....the novelty and all.

So, to not go into all the maintenance visits and steps you have to take to get it completely fixed, I got an order put in for a new sink last week, and an order for a new water heater yesterday afternoon.

Its all good. (And I do want to say that the maintenance personal I have dealt with at this base are by far the best I have ever dealt with anywhere. I love these guys.)

So we went to bed with sweet dreams of hot showers and dishwasher cleaned dishes in our heads.

About 1:30am I shot straight up in bed.

My eyes were streaming and my nose was burning and the gag reflex was in full force.

What in the world??????

First thought that ran through my head was skunk. But not that strong IN the house. But maybe Songbird had just let her dog out and he got sprayed and then she brought him in. But I would have heard all that ruckus.

Second thought was GAS! They never could get the pilot re-lit on the water heater. (And I'm super sensitive to the smell of gas -- probably because we lived in a trailer which was found to have over 30 gas leaks in it when I was a baby. I smell it before anyone.

Third thought was fire....burning something highly toxic.

So I jumped out of the bed and ran into the hall.

And it is all quiet. No flames. No kids up. Oh wait...here comes Songbird gagging and coughing also.

I am now convinced that it is for sure a skunk. And I'm checking the windows to make sure they are closed and looking around furniture and rooms -- because it would HAVE to be inside to smell like that in the house.

Oh wait. I live in military housing. The kind with $400 utility bills because it leaks like a sieve.


It kept me up for about 2 hours because my nose was just on fire. And I'm not opening a door or window in fear of making it worse.

So...anybody remember my feral cat problem this spring?
This would be my front porch. They have to keep so many wheelchair accessible houses and we ended up in one of them. Nothing says a wheelchair bound person has to live in it...just that they have to have them. Which stinks because my neighbor is actually wheelchair bound and they have a step. Unbelievable right?

Anyways, if you can tell, there is a gap that cats and other critters can crawl up under and then they have this wonderful "cave" that is rather large even. This is how we ended up with feral kittens we didn't want. And do you have any idea how hard it is to find a kitten a home? The humane societies here won't even take them because they are so over-populated with cats.

Back to my story. My thought is that a skunk/s is now under there and one of the feral cats found him....or vise versa.

Because that smell? The skunk spray? Is saturating my front door and step. And it really seems to be coming from UNDER the ramp. How in the world do I hose that off?????

And my house? Reeks like a dirty word.

And how to I get rid of THAT?????????? That's the INSIDE I'm talking about!!

Because we can't get rid of the smell outside????!!!!????

Anyone? I'm open for idea's here!! Please!?!?!

On the bright side, grounds will be out to set traps. And they will see what they can do to keep animals out from under there in the future.

But that sure doesn't help me right now.

And I have company coming next week.

Oh yes I do.

And MM and I went to the free movie today (Kung Fu Panda was a blast!) so I wasn't even here to explain to the guys putting in the new water heater just what that smell was. How embarrassing!!! Although I really don't think someone wouldn't know that smell anywhere. But why is it in the house!!!!

I just hope that we all don't smell like that when we are out in public. Because my nose is burned out at this point and I don't think I'd even know.

Cause that's just how my life rolls.


  1. Bowls of vinegar - if really bad place several bowls in each room.

    Outside - spray the area with sudsy amonia and the skunks will move on.

  2. Ugh. I am so sorry. I have no advice for the skunk, but as to the cats... check and see if there is a local feral cat rescue league near you. That's what we did - and managed to find foster parents for all of the kittens.

  3. Oh my goodness! That's one of those times you just say, "Heavens, when it rains it pours!"
    I would say take a deep breath then move on, but I don't think deep breaths are called for right now!

  4. Phew, poor thing! We live in a very skunky neighborhood and when they spray in the common area behind our house the whole house stinks. I can only imagine what it's like when they spray under your house.

    When our dog was sprayed the vet recommended washing him with Murphy's Oil soap. I don't think it helped but it's all I got. (but if it's any consolation - I'd still visit ya - what's a little skunk odor between friends ;-))