Monday, January 27, 2014


My favorite part of the movie UP is how the dogs are always getting distracted by the possibility of squirrels. But its not as funny when it feels like your everyday life is like that. All day. Every day. I swear I can't complete a task without picking up four more right in the middle of it. And sometimes I finish something and lots of times I don't. Is this getting old? It feels more like loosing my mind.

On top of that Mouse and I have been rather sick. Of course its while Hubs is gone which makes it twice as bad. The day Mouse got sick I was relieved. I wasn't sure I could drive her to school. But we are on the mend.  I think. Every time I say that it seems we suffer a relapse.

Hubs has come and gone. He did get the rest of the boxes gone through if not unpacked -- and our claim has been turned in. Waiting for that first insulting offer. We turned in about $4500 in damages. I say the first offer is $500.

Hubs had his ulnar nerve surgery and is recovering. He has a lot of pain but has a little feeling returning to his hand. It can take up to a year before he knows how well the surgery actually worked.

Lots going on. House is mostly unpacked but we are working on rooms and all the little changes, etc. It feels like there are still a million things to work on. Because there are. Sometimes it leaves me feeling paralyzed. I try to remind myself how much we've already done. And it would help if I could complete a task without getting distracted by another.

But there is progress.

In Mouses bathroom they still had the builders grade brassy looking light fixture.  I abhor this look. Now wasn't the time to spend the money on it though as we upgraded in Songbirds bathroom. So I grabbed a can of spray paint that matches the colors in there and painted it.  I've never been real big on spray painting things but there is no way I could hate it more so I did it.
Its like a tan that picks up the tan in the new sink top and the throne. One of the glass globes broke so we had to replace those also. Its okay. Not great. But better than the gold.
The fixtures in Songbirds room are antique. They have these cool looking tassels (can't believe I said that). But the metal was not exactly rusting but discolored and oxidizing or something. Some of the pieces are cracked.  So, we were sad to have to replace them -- especially since the wall scones in the window seat match them.  I figured we could see what a coat of paint would do for them also -- we didn't have anything to lose.
Of course the ancient Bakelite holder in  the ceiling came out and now that has to be fixed before we can rehang it. Just requires crawling around in the attic, which is not a priority with the other lights in the room. Its on the list.
 Hubs one big request was to put up curtains in the living room. Well, that doesn't work with picture windows. And I hate curtains. Really. I do. So we talked to a decorating place and it was going to cost over $1000 for the cordless pleated shades that can be put all the way up.  My mother and my sister have both used and they recommend them. So I went online and found blackout shades in a mocha color that matches the trim exactly. When they are all the way up you don't even notice them. So Hubs is happy he can pull them down at night so people can't see in, and I am happy because you don't notice them when they are open and it doesn't spoil the wall of windows. Plus...all four of these plus two shades in Mouses room came out to just over $400 - good quality stuff. I highly recommend this company guys! One of the living room blinds had an internal defect and I got it replaced no problem. Plus they even have videos on how to measure to give them the measurements they need. It was simple.

Speaking of windows. There are full sized ones in all the bathrooms. This one is in Mouses room and made me to uncomfortable. So, Amazon to the rescue.
I bought that window cling stuff that makes it so you can't see in well but it lets all the light in. I did three of the four bathrooms. Songbird didn't want it in her bathroom, but I decided to go ahead and order some for it anyhow. It just makes me feel better. Don't know why.
The laundry room has been painted. It was a muddy tannish brown with raspberry trim. Not working for me. It is now a good grey color that Hubs picked out. Love it.
And did I mention the stove-top tragedy? We had the spices stored over the stove....and one fell and broke it. Horrified. The replacement cost for the glass top was in the $300 from the company, $500's at Sears and $250 with free shipping on Ebay.  Shop around people. Anyhow, it came in and the electrician came by and installed it for me. The spices are no longer over the stove. Turns out that is the most common reason for breakage of the glass stove tops.
Mouses room used to be a ladybug theme. Everything was pretty much black, red and white. Here she picked a blue and white.  This weekend was exceptionally nice so it was time to turn all that red and black stuff to white or blue. 
Two frames, two shelves and the stuffed animal basket all got the spray paint treatment. I have a white hand that Mouse says looks like mold. LOL. Now I need to change out the mats on a couple of her paintings so I can get everything hung in her room. Its still only half done.
I also did some carpet cleaning thanks to a puking dog (more socks) and cleaned the rug from Mouses room. The rug slips awful on the wood floor and I have tried several things without success. Yesterday I applied some safety backing to it. I need another tub. I'm hoping this works. 

And lastly...
We did some planting...or re-potting.  I only had one plant in the house so Mouse and I went and picked out a few for some of the rooms. She loved the succulents so I got her two for her bathroom. Plus I wanted a couple of hanging plants for the spa already had two ceiling hooks just begging for some ferns. 

I think that's more than enough sharing for one day. I know its long....but I had a whole month to make up for. I'm going to try and be better but no promises. Half the time I turn on the computer to sit down and do this and I get distracted and forget. No, not half the time...all the time.

Wish me luck.