Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hocking Hills Camping Trip

Yes. Yes I did go on yet another camping trip with the Girl Scouts. I think I'm making up for the 2 1/2 years in Texas without camping.

This trip saw 13 girls and 3 adults driving out to the Hocking Hills area. I understand its like the beginning of the Appalachian mountains in our area. I loved it so much I can't wait to go back on a family trip. (And the teen animal is actually going there for the rest of the week with a friend. Lucky dog.)

We had the girls split up by age group in the tents. That means Songbird got her own tent...which she loved. We had 5 Juniors in our tent, 3 Cadettes in their own tent, and 5 Brownies/Daisies in the other half of the adult tent. It worked out really well. (Although my tent now has a destroyed zipper and the mister is furious with me for letting the Juniors use it.)

Our first activity was "Stream Stomping". There is nothing better than letting kids get wet. We had them wear shoes that they could walk in the water in. And yet. Every one of them STILL asked if it was okay to get in the water. Even though that is what we were there for.
The kids got to collect wildlife from the stream, which was then put in an aquarium. The Park Naturalist then explained to everyone what everything was and whether that meant it was a healthy or unhealthy creek. The kids loved it. I think chasing crayfish was the favorite.

After this it was back to camp and a trip to the park swimming pool. That pretty much ended our day. Dinner was hamburgers over the fire. Songbird did an excellent job on those burgers. We ran out even! I can't believe how much these little girls can eat when we are camping.

Saturday was our big hiking day. We missed out first hike scheduled with the ranger. Some girls just don't want to get up and get moving. Luckily our breakfast makers were not among them...but the clean up crew sure was.

So our first hike was up to Old Man's Cave. I guess back in the 1800's sometime a person actually lived up there.
Of course I forgot my camera so I am relying on shots from Songbirds camera and the Hocking Hill website. None of these are mine.

Later in the day we went out to Rock House. This is another hike out to a cave like area. It was awesome. And it was cool up in there as we could even hear the bats...even though we couldn't see them. We could easily have spent another hour down there, but of course we had 3 girls that didn't go to the bathroom before heading out on the trail and since it was after eating...well, you know how that goes.
Of course there was more swimming, and pizza sandwiches made in pie irons (a new skill I acquired this trip.) The girls ate about 3 each...which meant about 2 hours of cooking in the fire for me. Maybe I need goggles. I know that sounds rather stupid, but contacts and campfire smoke are just not a good combo!

Sunday was pack-up and gift shop stops and then off home.

It was a great trip. We only had one home-sick child at night. No sleepwalking this time. No injures(!!!!!).

And the best part was that the Juniors got to ride with me there and back so I am getting to know my girls some. And these girls?? They are SO FUNNY!!!!! I was in stitches most of the time. There is even a new legend about flying worms....and my windshield was covered in them after stopping for lunch (gummy that is)...which has everyone talking and trying to figure out just WHO did it.

Fun times.


  1. So glad you enjoyed your trip! Sounds like a great one! :)

  2. These kids are very cute :) Yeah they really look like they enjoyed the camping. The places also look amazing. Not every beautiful place in this world is explored and glad you posted you trip here for everybody to see.

  3. Mary - your comment was so timely. I clicked through to your site and love it. My tent was destroyed by the girls so I am in the market for a new one. Looking for a family tent that sleeps up to 8. Would love an overhand or screened area to take off shoes in the rain. Still needs to be the light fiberglass poles as I end up putting the tent up alone half the time. Love the cabin tents but they are just too sturdy and heavy for me to handle alone. I also need enough height for a 6 ft man to stand in - he hates stooping. Do you have any recommendations??? (cost is a factor also)