Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When Paying More Is Better (Part 3)

And then there is food.

Specifically, veggies and fruits and eggs, etc.

Of course we all know that organic is healthier. How can it not be without the poison cocktail the grocery stores serve up in their produce sections. Passed on to them by the farmers under contract to the big owners. Passed on to them in the poison seed they now use to grow everything.

But truly..... I buy very few organic vegetables or fruit.

But I do like to buy from my local farmers market. Oh, and in case you are under the impression that the fruits and veggies at the farmers market are all organic. Ummm. Not so in all cases. Hopefully there is that option, but many of the local farms just do the regular pesticide thing.

And I'd still rather buy from them.

First, you are supporting your community.

Second, the transportation costs involved are much less. This equals less petro products burned.

Third, the produce comes to you fresh picked instead of picked early and gassed.

So I'll pay those farmers for the extra time the food is ripening in the fields.

It's worth it.

Same with farm fresh eggs, local milk and local meat. And the best? Local honey. That actually helps with allergies.

So when is paying more for food frugal for me?

When it pollutes less and ripens more. When it supports your own community. And when it builds relationships with the growers. Thats when.

So now its your turn. When is paying more better for your family? I'd love to hear. Because I just might learn something new!


  1. I just love your line, "When it pollutes less and ripens more". That is all.

    Oh, and we pay for Hershey's chocolate syrup, Kraft or Hellman's mayo, Hidden Valley Ranch dressing instead of the generic brands - I guess because we are condiment snobs!

  2. I love my eggs from the lady down the street. Fresh from the hens right that moment. My boys actually get to gather them if we are there at the right time. Her fresh blueberries, and the honey from her neighbor (whose bees gathered nectar from her blueberries), and squash and tomatoes she grows in her backyard. All of those things are worth whatever she charges.
    I must admit that I am a toilet paper snob. I figure if I am going to kill a tree to wipe my hind end, I might as well get the kind I like. Charmin basic, single ply - just like the old, original style. On sale or not, coupon or not, that is what I buy.