Friday, May 30, 2014

Pinterest Project 26

I'm probably the only one left on the face of the earth that didn't do this already.

We reuse plastic bags like most people. They line the small trash cans in the bathrooms, offices, bedrooms. I use them for scraps and kitchen trash when preparing food.  They are used to pick up and dispose of pet waste from the yard. And on and on.

For the winter I had been storing these in my picnic bucket. It wasn't being used and I hadn't figured out how I wanted to contain them.  But summer is back and we are using the bucket again to go to friends and bring lunch or other affairs where we bring food. It was time to figure it out.

I also didn't want them taking up as much space as they had been.  So I knew I had "pinned" a link on Pinterest for folding the bags small so they don't take up much room.

There are all kinds of links, several with video instructions. I used one of those but honestly its so easy you don't have to have a video.

I lost a total of 4 bags with holes, otherwise this is the new pile. I found an old popcorn tin in the attic that fits in the space they were before. Much more manageable.  Why did I wait so long to tame this beast? Its so easy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kickoff to Summer

Well, the summer did start with a bang. That makes me so happy!

I want to take a minute to say that there is nothing more heart warming and soul satisfying as knowing people that will take you in and make you a part of their family -- especially during holidays.  When Mouse and I are alone, a long holiday weekend is a quiet and lonely event. I don't look forward to them.

This Memorial Day Mouse and I were invited to a friends house for Saturday and Sunday. So were a few of our other friends and their kids. It ended up being a two day celebrations of friends, kids and food. And it was glorious.

Saturday was burgers and goodies and lots of pool time.

I believe we had 15 kids total that day between 6 families.
We had scattered rain storms both days but they had a couple of easy-ups that we could hide under if nothing else.

Sunday was a Crayfish Boil.  I elected to bring hot dogs for mouse and I. What can I say. I'm not very adventurous with my meats. But I did try them (a first) and I did help peel for the kids....which helped me get over it.
What makes it hard is when I was growing up I loved it when my dad would take us to the creek late at night to catch crawdads. See, where I grew up it was bait...not dinner. LOL
The spices were amazing. LOVED the corn and potatoes!  Spicy good!

So it was a wonderful weekend. Not too hot. Lots of laughs. The kids wore themselves out -- and you know it doesn't get any better than that. And it was with some of my favorite people in the whole world.
 A perfect holiday weekend. (At least as perfect as it can be without Hubs with us.)

We all needed Monday as a recovery day!

Hoping all my friends and family were able to spend time with people they love!

Friday, May 23, 2014

What Does Summer Bring

is a stone's throw away
Its out there
Just beyond reach

What does summer bring
the year after
the greatest summer
you can remember?

On the days we want
to hide from life
We can daydream

Maybe its days
besides a pool
filled with friends
and children

misbehaving monsters
and ice cream bribes

Maybe its an escape
to a place
a car ride away
A weekend of laughter
good food
lots of liquids
and maybe even cigars

I can close my eyes
and see the sand
smell the sea
feel the ocean breeze

Maybe its a girls weekend
by a lake
with crowded rooms
and shared kitchen duty
Catching every ray of sun
It cares to cast down

Maybe its dinners
or coffee nights
or houseboats

But hopefully it is more than these things
As they have already been done
And as wonderful as they are
The true adventure
Is in the new

Whatever it is
Its time with friends
That see you
and hear you

and don't make you feel invisible

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Its Dark

Its dark again
Another night
of trying to sleep

by myself

There are shadows
but shadows are good
They hide the empty spaces
the empty side
the cold side

I reach a hand over
I can almost pretend
to feel the depression
where you should lay

The spot that should be warm
The skin I should be able to touch
and smell
and taste

I can almost pretend
that your dogs breathing
is really yours
but not really
although you do both snore

but the room is empty
of the presence
that should be there
night after night

new couples anticipate
the nights together
falling asleep in each others arms
feeling the breath of the one they love
on the back of their neck.

The satisfaction that is soul deep
that touches something so deep inside
it cant be explained
it can only be felt

It leaves you empty
when its missing

And they don't even have to be gone.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Where Are You Today?

If I could meet you.
If I could see you face to face
What would I say?

Because you live with us daily.
In her eyes
In her smile
In the genetic surprises that surface

Mouse has lavished me with love today.
Her momma
She made me little gifts
She wants to take me out
She is excited to celebrate me.

I wonder if she is thinking of you also?
She doesn't say
I could ask
But I let her lead these conversations

I am thinking of you.
So many questions
So many feelings
Where are you today?

Over the years I have wanted to ask so many things
And each year its different
Some years I am angry with you
Some years I am sorry for you

Do you think of her?
Do you wonder where she ended up?
Did you watch from the shadows as she was found?
Or did you run away?

Do you wonder what she looks like?
If she is a good student?
If she is healthy?
If she has siblings?

I wonder.

I wonder why.
I wonder how you deal with the loss daily.
I wonder if you would take it back if you could.
I wonder if she was the only one you abandoned.
Were there more?

We talk about you sometimes.
I expected more grief
More questions
More anger

I am astounded at her need for me
The fierceness of her love for me
The way she panics at the thought of not having me
And her complete faith in me.

She is amazing
She is funny
She is spunky
She is loving
She is beautiful
She is picky
She is spoiled
She swings high
She laughs at inappropriate things
She likes mischief

Some of this is from you
And some of this is from me.

And even though we will never meet
We make a beautiful team.