Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Mac Attack

So I'd be the first to admit that I don't always drive the speed limit.  And its usually not by accident - although sometimes its just not paying attention as well as I should.  And this is actually the reason you will not find one of those Christian fish or anything on any of my vehicles.  Why advertise I'm sinning on purpose? Way bad example that makes people point their fingers and use words like "hypocrite".  And they are right. So that's my free public service announcement for today....if you are a Christian that speeds and has an identifying mark on your car -- take it off. You are doing much more damage than good to God's Kingdom.  Just sayin.


This weekend we had a new giggle added to our family giggle bucket.  You have one of those, right?  Those things that remind you of something that happened with your kids that makes you giggle EVERY TIME.

Like I can't hear the song "Cocaine" on the radio without giggling because Bones thought it was "Cookies" and sang it with great gusto that way when he was pre-school aged.


So the whole family has piled into the trusty (yet oh so uncool) minivan. We are dropping the teen at a friends and then the rest of us are doing something.  And the street we live off of is a 45.  Not long after we are out on this road, we have a car run up on us and start riding our bumper to the point you can't even see their front end.  Stupid close.

And we are going 5 over the speed limit.


So, my husband does what I've seen so many people do in that situation.  Yes. He slows down to the exact speed limit.  Because if you are going to get so rude, well, its time to follow the law to the letter just because you can.  And should anyways. Ahhhmmmnnn.

And this goes on for a few miles until we get to where it becomes two lanes.  And the car races up besides us....and the rabid mid-aged lady is livid and flipping us the bird with a consummate professional skill.

At a minivan. Going the speed limit.

And the poor lady gets even madder when our whole car bursts out laughing (see, its a good thing there is no Christian symbols on my car - not kidding) because the teen makes a snarky comment about women flipping off a minivan full of children.

And she speeds away when the light turns -- because yes this is now happening at a stop light and she gets the full laugh-a-thon.

And so we are about settled down when the said lady pulls off the road in front of us....into the McDonalds drive thru.

Yes folks -- her emergency that had her going almost 50 in a 35 (the speed limited dropped at the light)....was apparently a trip to the local McD's.

Which reminded me of the old "Big Mac Attack" commercials.  So of course I had to make an equally snarky comment about standing in the way of a lady and her Big Mac Attack.

Apparently its a fever like no other. Speed limit be damned!!!!

But you know whats sadder?  The fact that I have nothing better to talk about! LOL! But here's a funny for you!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Off She Goes

You know its funny how things change over time when it comes to raising your kids.

I think it was the movie Parenthood that made a comment to the effect of..."by the third kid you are letting them juggle knives".

Not that we were helicopter parents in the normal sense with our first.....although I do believe we were too strict.  And that was as much because we were surrounded by people with undisciplined and even unparented children that it was more of a whiplash effect as we didn't want people to hate to see our kids coming.  There is nothing uglier than out of control children (and I am talking completely normal, every time you see them - not occasional outbursts or handicaps of various kinds, spoiled rotten, misbehaving to the extreme children).

We were still strict with the second but not as much.  That was driven by our growing up, becoming more experienced parents and the second child's different personality.  All factors. And the third was different still on all those same levels...with adoption issues thrown in that really changed everything.

Even with all of that I would not consider us helicopter parents.  But we did PARENT.

So this is kind of a funny place for me to be in.

See, when Bones started school the bus stop was our front yard.  Out the door he went by himself from day one to stand in the corner of my yard until the yellow bus appeared. Easy transition for sure.  And the next place we lived it wasn't too much different....outside our apartment building that could be seen from my bedroom window.

Our next home added another child to the school mix and that was a little harder.  We lived about 3 blocks from the school so there was no busing. The kids had to walk.  And for Kindergarten my second child walked to school with her brother...who was 6 years older.  But first grade saw him move to another school and I walked with Songbird at first. Then we managed to work out a buddy system with other children so she began walking without me.  And that was hard. She was so little and we lived in a big city.  But not that hard.

So here we are on child number three.  I should be an old pro at this right? Well, I'm not.  Totally different child.  A child that has been afraid of the world around her. A child that would't communicate with others.  A real challenge.

But the last year and a half have been amazing in how she has grown.

For the last 3 years I have been walking her to the bus stop and staying until the bus leaves...with a repeat in the afternoon.  She was paralyzed at the thought of me not being there.

But it was time.  Beyond time really.  Here she is in the second grade and still being walked to the bus stop.  In base housing...not in a big city.

And literally we are the third house from the bus stop.

So before our next big move (no I have no info to share on that still) I thought this would be the perfect time to force a little more independence.  I gut said she was ready.

But with this one its so hard! I thought it was supposed to get easier.  Especially since we are in a safer environment than any of the other times. And there are so many moms and kids at the bus stop.  (Kindergartners must have a parent present.)

But no.  I watch out the window or door as far as I can see (which is almost to the bus stop).  I watch for strange cars (we are not even a thru street).  I almost hold my breath until I hear the bus come.

And at first she was hesitant....but just that...not fearful.  And even though she prefers me to walk her or be there when she gets off the bus, she is no longer panicked at my absence.

And it feels good.

And it once again goes to show how you have to follow what you think is right for each child....not some schedule in a book or handed out to you by a pediatrician.  Nobody knows your child better than you do.

I'm so very excited by this new milestone!

(But I admit I'm still a little panicked too!)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ok. So I'm there.

I knew it was too good to last. But hey, I played the patience game much longer than I ever have before.

But knowing you are down to your last two paychecks? Its a killer.  Especially when you know that even if you are lucky enough to pay all the bills....there's nothing left for food.  But hey, even that is better than not having ANY money come in. Right?

It also makes you stop and think about how most of us are just about 2 paychecks away from losing everything.  I mean really.  We could last about a month before we scraped the bottom of the checking/savings account.  That's it.  And I'm betting we are better off than half the people I know.  Things that make you go hmmmmm.

So as you can see, I have no news for anyone.  Which is why I haven't been posting .  I'm getting grouchy.  And the migraines.....oh the migraines.  And I hate my new migraine meds...they make my head burn.  And my stomach.  But they do kill the migraine after a nap.

And the desktop computer just died.  For real. No hope.  But we all laptops so I'm not even going to replace it. Makes my desk a whole lot bigger thank you!

And I got nothin else.

Somebody entertain me with some fun life stories. Please.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Autumn Asks: What Do You Love Most About Your Home?

                                    (Courtesy of Pinterest)

We have been going through the house this last month and downsizing as we anticipate a move when Hubs finds a job.

And we do this every time a move is coming.

But our home is much more about the people and things inside it than the actual shelter itself.  So this makes it much harder to downsize.

I've been reading Heather's Blog for several years now and she is always telling those that ask for advice to downsize their things. Get rid of anything without a real in the end it just makes more work.  More dusting, returning to right place, upkeep, etc.  And for most people that is probably very good advice.

But what about those of us who spend their lives moving from one location to another?  A house is never the "home" part of the equation of our lives.  Its just the temporary shelter where we live. Our family is our "home"..... and the memories we have made along the way.

So I have alot of things that serve no practical purpose...but remind the whole family of someone or someplace.  They are our connections to others and to our pasts.  Because we have no roots, only wings. These are the things that help keep us grounded.

But.  But. Sigh.  After 25 years of marriage (and I grew up in this same lifestyle so I have pre-marriage stuff also) we have accumulated rather a large amount of stuff.  And I'm really afraid on this last move the military will do for us, we are going to be over our allowable weight and have to pay for the overage.

And I just don't want to do that.

So, after reading many posts from Heather blog I decided I'd better just bite the bullet and do some weeding out.  Heather also tells you about how easy it is to sell that same stuff on *Bay.  We've always been the give it away people as we have been helped out so many times by others this way also...but with Heather's encouragement I went ahead and took the plunge and started  selling stuff off.

And its not very hard. And I'm not really making money as most things I put out there are for $2, but it did pay for several Christmas presents this year.  So if you have ever thought of doing this let me also encourage you to give it a try.  I will say that I also read the book

The Official eBay Bible, Third Edition: The Newly Revised and Updated Version of the Most Comprehensive
eBay How-To Manual for Everyone from First-Time Users to eBay Experts

which I highly recommend.

And those things that make my house a home are staying. But I found several things that are just pretty or whatever that can go.

Because really it is my family that I love most about my home.

So what do you love most about your home?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Autumn Asks: What Is Your Word Of The Year?

If you have read here for the last few years, you know that each year instead of having New Years Resolutions, I have a word of the year instead.

2009 and 2010 my word was Love.  And I'm very happy to say that those two years produced so much growth in that area.  I developed a heart for my neighbors and learned to love through disagreements and differences of opinions in a much deeper and easier way. Very life changing.

2011 my word was Embrace.  Embrace for all the changes I felt coming. And I think I've done rather well. To date I have not lost my mind or been impatient (a big challenge for me) about the retirement and beginning a new life as civilians.  Just a year ago I would have been completely off the wall with the fact that Hubs has no job lined up. Instead I have embraced the time I have had with him and enjoyed every minute.

I've had a hard time coming up with this years word. There are many things that would fit our situation. But one situation shouldn't rule the whole coming year.  Twelve months is a long time and bigger than a situation. (Or at least I hope it is!!!)

But I wasn't feeling anything I came up with.  When I finally did find my word I was as first dismissive because is was like 2009/2010...just a continuation of the year before with a twist. But I think sometimes God just isn't done working with us after only 12 months.  So I am going to go with it.

So this years word is:


Although not exactly the same as Embrace, its very close.

Receptive to however long it takes to find employment - without impatience and fear

Receptive to where ever we end up - I have a preference for where I'd like to go. And I know we could go there.  But its more important that I am receptive to what Hubs wants than wanting what I want at his expense. That's what is most important.

Receptive to finding a  new church - instead of giving up like we did here.

Receptive to making new friends and developing deep relationships - which I have avoided for the most part (with a couple of exceptions) here.

Receptive to all the changes that are staring us in the face - without impatience and anxiety.

Receptive to all the things I can't even imagine that are about to be thrown our way.

And most importantly....receptive to what God has for us.  Where He has for us.  When He has for us.

Its going to be a busy year.