Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little Boy Blue

I finally finished all my summer quilt projects! That is a party worthy phrase my friends!

I had 4 time sensitive projects to get through this summer. One wedding gift and 3 baby gifts. Last week I finished the last baby quilt and put it in the mail.

I used the same Urban Farm material as I used in Kelly's quilt...but in boy colors instead of the girl colors. Totally different pattern. Actually I took a pattern for a panel and just tweaked it to suit myself.
I have never worked with two inch squares before so I picked a baby quilt to try it on.
I also did a crosshatch thru the small squares. Need a lot more practice on staying straight.
In the center I did a graduating square. The dead center I left unquilted. It turned out really cool. Again...I sure need the practice on the machine quilting!!
The back is mostly a solid piece with some extra piecing at the top and bottom to help use up scraps.
I ordered the signature block for the back again. I really like the added touch.
Hopefully by the time this posts Little Boy Blue will have reached its new home. Much love and luck to Drew and Darlene and the new baby!


  1. Cute, cute, cute!! I would almost think about having another baby if I knew I could get a quilt like this one - and if I knew it would be a BOY. :)