Thursday, August 5, 2010


The Columbus Center Of Science & Industry was today's destination.

The girls and I love this place.

Butterfly is fascinated with the Titanic...and it just so happens that the Titanic exhibit is at COSI this summer. She was talking about a report she wants to do, and it dawned on me that we could help! So off to COSI we went!

And the Titanic exhibit is really neat. Overpriced in my opinion...but I guess if you are having to bring the stuff up from 2 miles under the sea, what they collect on the exhibit probably doesn't even scratch the surface of what they spend on the dives.

We aren't allowed to take pictures of the exhibits or recreations so all I've got is a picture of the girls in front of a Titanic built out of Lego's. Pretty cool.

I think the most fun part of the exhibit is the ticket they give you as you enter. It has your name and history (you get to be a real live person from the roster). At the end of the exhibit you get to find out whether you lived or drowned.

Songbird was a 17 year old Spanish woman on a two year honeymoon trip (yep, a ripe old 15 at the time she got married). She was in First class of course. And Butterfly was a 38 year old woman with TB that was moving to Idaho in hopes of getting better. She was a 2nd class passenger traveling with her husband. Of course I was lucky enough to be the 48 year old woman with 5 kids that had been abandoned by her husband (after the birth of that 5th child) and was immigrating to the states in search of a better life. 3rd class of course.

And in the end, I died. The girls lived. Both lost their husbands. At least Songbird was a wealthy 17 year old widow. Huh. Some people have all the luck.
We also visited Songbirds favorite area....the kingdom of King Triton. Wish I had a flash on my phone camera.
And we finished up in the tv room...where the girls got to be the stars they (think) they are!
Hubs and Mouse were home when we got back.

It was nice and quiet while they were gone...but now its back to the three ringed circus I call life!


  1. Oh, we went to the Titanic exhibit when it was in Atlanta - last summer I think. I loved it. I can't remember now if my person lived or died. I love history in general, but there is something so very tragic about the Titanic. I'm glad the girls got to see it.

  2. What a great exhibit and idea! I hate how expensive those sorts of things are but like you said, I guess it is understandable.