Thursday, August 19, 2010

He Loves Me This Much

For my Chile head friends....

You know its Hatch Chile time.

And I've been in mourning since hearing my Texas friends are able to get their hands on my favorite food in the world.

But wait!

Hubs was in Waco this week.

And he saw it!
And came home with THIS in his luggage.

Oh yes he did.

Now THAT is love people.

And because 10lbs is just not enough.

I've done my ordering on the internet for another 20.

Which makes it the most expensive food in my home at any given almost $4 per pound when you include insane shipping costs.

Priorities, y'all.



  1. Yeah, chili's just don't do it for me, but my hubby would be drooling right now. Lucky for me he is in Arizona, so can't see your tempting pictures! Enjoy... I guess.