Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stunned By Joy

In my favorite group of friends here in Texas, I am the old woman.

Its a little strange since for years and years I was always the youngest in any group.

But whatever. I earned every year.
Still, it was with great joy that I learned on of my friends sons was getting married. Not only because he was getting married...also because I was not going to be the first mother-in-law of the group.

Its the little things...

This also gave me the push needed to finish setting up my quilting room. I love saying that. I never thought I would have a dedicated space all my own to quilt and make a mess in. Because quilting is very messy.

After putting it all together, I was able to start on a quilt for a wedding gift. Timing was bad for going out and buying a bunch of material (Oh how I miss The Fabric Shop in Ohio) so I dug through my material bins and pattern notebook and came up with a scrap quilt \to use as a couch throw.  And I had everything I needed, including the batting to get it done. Of course I pushed it all the way to the last minute, but I did get it completed.

Sorry about the hazy shot...I didn't check the photos before wrapping it up so I don't have good shots of this quilt. Not smart.

This is called a Plus Quilt and is a free pattern I found on the internet by Jeni Baker at

The back is made up of scraps from the 11 Pony quilts I did. I swear I will never use up all the purple leftovers.  I normally wouldn't have used purples on a wedding quilt like this but plum was one of the wedding colors. I took advantage.
My bestie Rena did the signature block for me. She has the ultra cool embroidering machines.

 The binding is left over pieces of binding from other quilts. I don't throw much away. Material is too expensive to waste. This was cool because it was already cut and ironed in half, etc and I just had to join the pieces.
Not a good shot but you can't really see it from the front. The actual quilting I just stitched in the ditch around each plus sign.  I would usually do more quilting than that but I was running short on time.

And that was also quilt number 40.  Wow.

Now its time to get back to my list of other quilts I am making. No idea how long it will take me to get through my list.  Still have lots of friends I want to send one to because I love them!