Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hammering Away

Its been a month of working on the little things. You know, like replacing the knobs on one set of hall closets because one was stripped. Painting the flag on the mailbox neon orange because it was so faded that the mail person was not seeing the flag when it was up. He/she sure doesn't miss it now!

We have had the electricians out to do a few things. They have finished wiring the shop for the trailer voltage. Now it can be used as overflow housing for guests. LOL. But I did get a shock when I went in there today and flipped a switch. That will have to be looked at when they come back to replace the doorbell and figure out why one wall of outlets in the living room is not grounded (found during the inspection).

We also decided what exactly we want to spend the big money on for "phase one".

We went and picked out floors for the girls wing of the house...their bedrooms, bathrooms and hall. At this time we put off the rest of the carpet areas as the carpet is new and anytime you do work you find problems so we thought it would be smarter to start smaller in preparation for the unknown things that would crop up.

Since the company also had a granite shop, we picked out a remnant for Mouses little bathroom while we were at it.
So the brown Charles Bronson movie sink is now...
...a nice little granite instead of that molded marble look.  And look, when we removed the mirror we found yet MORE wallpaper. This is going to be  a fun room to tear down.

On her floor we got rid of that carpet. Really, who puts carpet in a bathroom? So we had that ripped up....

and found our first surprise....
..within the rectangle of wooden carpet tack strips, underneath the toilet was a huge carpenter ant nest. Eggs and all. What is it with me and ants??? They were coming up under the wax seal around the pipe. So I poisoned the snot out of them and called the exterminator who was nice enough to come out the next morning. This would be our first extra expense. But its the same guy that has always done the house and he was excited because they have treated the bathroom three times over the years and never figured out where they were coming from. Now we know. Underground around the pipe. This should be a fixed problem from this point on.

Now we have a nice tile floor in browns that goes well with the granite. The pictures didn't really turn out well as the flash whites it out a bit.

In Songbirds room we started stripping the wallpaper.
And we found unfinished drywall underneath.  Are you kidding me?? Who does that???? So this paper has been up since the house was built in the 70's.  So first expense in this room was...
..something to help me get the under layer of the wallpaper off of the paper of the drywall. Not going real well.  Next expense will be hiring someone to come out and seal and texture the wall so I can paint. I need to check under all the other papers in the house too. If those need the same thing might as well get it all done at once.
Her bathroom tiles are a grey to match the blue molded marble tub and counters. She has so much counter tops that we chose not to replace them at this time. Hers are also the least obnoxious of all the bathrooms.

All this is occurring over a full week.  I moved the girls into the upstairs as we had to remove everything from the rooms - including the closets.

It was fun watching it all come together but I spent the week with an asthma cough. The adhesives (and lets face it, the pest control poisons) just about did me in.

But the end result...

Well worth it.

And guess what? See that door in the hall? Well behind it is a linen closet I didn't even know was there until they laid the wood in it! Bonus.

All our materials for these floors were from discontinued or rock bottom close out prices.  It limited us on what we could chose but I don't think that was so bad. I love the hand scrapped look floors for the girls rooms as its is a little more forgiving when it comes to showing scratches that the high gloss stuff already in other parts of the house.  I'm not in love with the brown tiles in the small bath but the grey tiles look really great. All in all I am happy with our first big project.

Now its back to working on wall paper. I have been dragging my feet as not only is it not fun, I'm also really afraid of that phone call to get someone out here for an estimate on texturing them. In a perfect world it wont be much and I'll have them do the painting also.

I never have lived in a perfect world....

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Frymark Homestead....Part Two

I didn't forget ya'll. We just don't have internet at the house yet. And its proving to be a real ordeal to get someone out.  I have to admit, the last time we lived here it was awful trying to get any work can wave all the cash you want at someone and they still just can't be bothered to come to work. Ugh.

Anyways, so we haven't moved the trailer yet so we can go use the internet and watch the cable if we should chose. Its paid up until the 16th. Now we are about out of time and are trying to figure out if its worth keeping it on a daily rate for a few extra days or if we go totally without.  I know. White people problems.

But back on subject...

Come on in!

As you step into the foyer, you are immediately looking out to the back of the property. These windows overlook the covered patio or courtyard as Jean called it. Love that.

And check out my polished brick on the floor. The amazing lady that lived here left me detailed instructions on how to keep it looking like this. I would have never guessed this would be a floor I would like! Its really pretty.

And through the door right there on the right, we head into the girls side of the house.  Please ignore the burnt orange carpet, new flooring for this part of the house is in the works.

First room belongs to Songbird. It is huge.

With a wall of built in shelves...

And a window she has always wanted.  We won't discuss this wallpaper right now as that is a whole other post.

She also has a bathroom with tub and shower. Again, it is huge.

 Next is Mighty Mouses room. Lovely orange carpet. This one is a small room, but the kid is so messy she needs a small room.
She also has a built in bookcase.

And a built in chest of drawers and shelves in her closet.

I did not get a full shot of her bathroom yet because it is pretty small. The paper is And the chocolate brown and white marble is very 70's, Charles Bronson movie-ish. She has a shower and no tub.

And now we return to the foyer.
To the left you will notice the dining room off the kitchen, a step up from the living room The owners left a glass table so we at least have something to eat off of right now. Since it will be November before we get our household goods this is a really good thing. The door leads to the courtyard.
The living room is right here to enjoy. There is a wood burning fireplace and built in shelves. And most importantly as far as Cinder is concerned....

...the picture windows that allow her to police the neighborhood and strike fear into every leaf, child or dog that dares to cross into her view.

At the far end of the living room you can head down the hall to the master bedroom.
Really not much I can show you here, but know it is a big big space.
The master bath has a his and hers side. I have a vanity.
He does not but he does have his own sink which makes both of us very happy. We are so used to the tiniest bathrooms imaginable. In this one we don't knock each other over if we both enter at the same time..

A quick side note.  I am not a wallpaper person. The previous owner was. Because of this I try not to say too much because its not fair to judge something you don't care could be the best ever and I still wouldn't like it.  Enough said.

The tub will be replaced in phase two of the floor remodels. More on that another time.

Now, back to the dining room so I can show you the kitchen.  I must admit that this was the one area that disappointed me. Not in the materials or anything..simply in size. I really wanted a big kitchen. But, after being there almost two weeks now, I can honestly say with the island I am completely content with the size now. Sure, I was looking for a big kitchen, dining entertaining area....but all things considered...who cares! I still have all kinds of room for people in this house.
The kitchen is partially open to the dining area. I do love the quartz counter tops.
Don't care for the in-wall oven....but oh well. Do like the brick which is the back of the fireplace wall. Wish I took a better picture of the quartz.
Down the hall from the kitchen you find the mudroom/office.  More of the polished brick again! This makes it perfect for taking the dogs in and out.
This is also where the previous owner had their desk...and a built in bookcase with cabinets.
Heading back down the hall towards the den from the kitchen...
Across from the mudroom is the utility room.
It also has built in cabinets on both sides. This one is really high.

And now on to the den.
When you step inside, you will see the gas fireplace on the left. This is also ducted (closed at the moment) for a wood burning stove in case we decide to put one back in.
On the right is a wall of windows. This is where they used to sit and watch the birds out in the yard.  There is also a little office type closet back in the corner. The ceilings are wood.
Cant get a good shot as its a small space.

And on the other wall, under the stairs another built in. We are calling it a bar for lack of a better word. The top is tiled. They were also nice and left the stools for us.

Shall we go upstairs?

Cant get a good shot...but there is not alot to see.
This would be the front half of my quilting studio. And through the door you can see the back room.
And that door leads to an attic room with a full sub-floor and built in shelves.

But lets go back down stairs so we can finish up in the back hall that leads to the back door.
Of course this is where we come in and out of the most.

And to the left there is the guest bath...complete with claw foot tub.

And finally...
The hot tub room.  When I'm done here, I'm going back home and getting in.  Love. Love. Love.

And that concludes the tour of the Frymark homestead.

The house we searched for five months for.

The fourth contract.

Sometimes God has a little fun with us I think. I'm very thankful for all those failed contracts...even if that wasn't a cheap thing to go through.

So, when ya'll coming over?  I've got some wall paper removal I need help with.

(Just bring your own chair as I only have enough lawn chairs for us

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Frymark Homestead....Part One

This is going to be too picture heavy for a single post so I thought I would split it up by outside and inside.

We are finally home owners again.   A home.  A job. Both girls settled in new schools.


I think I forgot how good this can feel.

And even though we do not have our household goods right now, and it might be as long as November until we get them (due to work we are having done), it still feels like home.
Unfortunately the only thing I have for pictures right now is my phone. Most things about this house do not photograph well using only a phone. Things tend to be rather spread out and the spaces large or angled in a manner that I cant get a good shot. Point in case, the front of the house. We are standing on one end of the curved drive because in the middle of the curve is a bunch of beautiful landscaping with large trees that obscure the front of the house if you are looking straight on.
From the other end of the drive. As you can see we have a large wall of picture windows. Thankfully they have solar tint on them and solar screens on the windows.

Let me take a minute to let you know about the previous owners. They were/are awesome. This house feels like a home from the minute you walk into it. They did upgrades and additions. Everything they have touched was done very well. All the yard and landscaping has been done organically. This is a well loved home.

This is around back on the right side of the house. As you can see Dion got his metal roof. He really likes them. The large windows are the den that has a great view of the trees and half of the property. The previous owners were avid bird watchers so the property has plenty of trees, a few bird baths and other landscaping that allowed them to sit at a table by the windows and watch all the wildlife. The sliding glass doors are the hot tub room.

Closer in you can see the covered patio space outside the dining area. There is also a mud room entrance here that we take the dogs in and out of to spare the wood floors. Inside the house is the entryway/front door area.
This is looking out on the right side of the house...part of the view from the den windows. I call this area lot one. We have almost an acre and a half because the property actually takes up three lots. Lot one is nothing but trees.  Lot two is where the house sits. And lot three is where the shop sits.
A swing to enjoy the outdoors.

Farther back on the right we have this area. There is a cemented circle that is going to be used for a pool for the Mouse next summer. One of those bigger fill-up kind, not an inground. Farther back you see the covered grill/smoker area.
There is electricity and lights run out here. Room for an outdoor dining area. On both sides were there gardens. There are a bunch of volunteer tomatoes and peppers out there this year as they didn't plant.
Its a mess now but can't wait until next spring when I can plant!
Also need to do some research on what to put in this bed that we can eat. Its shaded pretty much all day long. Maybe some lettuces?

This is the area between the grill area and the shop. There are a couple of swings for the littles. Lots more trees.
The ultimate man cave. Dion has his shop. And it is nice. This is looking from the carport behind the house.
Speaking of the carport. We can park two of the vehicles back here and still have plenty of room for more  - especially when you consider the shop area.  The windows on the left are the hot tub room. It all opens up.
The left side of the back of the house. We are on a corner.
The back entrance to the property.
Another shot of the shop.  And did you know I have to have a separate business account for the electricity for this? Weird.

And that completes the outside tour of Homestead Frymark. We are still pinching ourselves to believe we are out of the trailer and have such a great place.

Inside pics to come next.