Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Want To Shoot It! And A Despicable Movie

What could make Autumn mad enough to want to pick up a gun???

Some critter ate a bucket load of my tomatoes last night. And it couldn't just get into the red ones, oh no. It had to get into the yellow ones. Yes. It must die. And I don't care if its the most adorable little Thumper or must die. And if its a cute little family of critters....they all must die.

Not the way to start my day.

But it got better. Because I have two of the world's coolest teens to hang out with. And we haven't even had Mighty Mouse hanging around since she went off to Illinois with daddy to a funeral. So its been all big girl fun so far.

We had planned on going swimming after Songbirds dental appointment. And then it stormed. And the thunder and lightening was bad enough to scare the dog even. Not that that is a big feat or anything.

Instead we went to see a movie. Songbird has been bugging me to see Despicable Me. I had heard enough grumblings that I thought I had better check it out prior to letting Mouse see it. So glad I did. They really did a bad job on the orphans/adoption front. Not something I really want to take her to. Any movie that has the adopted kids given back...and with nothing more than a phone call -- well, anyone with half a brain could see how scary or confusing that could be to a young adopted child.

So - movie was funny and we laughed and laughed. But I wouldn't take Mouse to see it.
We finished up our outing with dinner at Skyline Chili.

Because I find that an experience.

I'm a Texas/New Mexico/Arizona kind of girl. I have a definite opinion on what chili should taste like. And it should be hot....or at least spicy. If it has green chili in it, it is even better.

So our first visit to try Cincinnati style chili was an experience. First, there is no spicy. At all.

Second, there is cinnamon and cloves in it!!!!

In Texas, those are pie spices. NOT chili spices!

But it is good - hence the visit. It is also served on spaghetti noodles...which is rather good. So we shared the experience with Butterfly. (Plus its super cheap...and hey, we'd just paid regular movie prices...something we NEVER do.)
And of course there was more sewing today.

But that about covers it.

Hopefully we will make a trip to Columbus tomorrow for some big fun!

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