Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Garden

I actually started this post about a month ago....

So now I will need to do an update on the growth almost immediately.


We had the landscape guys till the back garden for us. We had to clear out all the overgrowth first - that was a job.

I started with just a few things but it just kept growing. Hubs would come home with more tomato ants because they were on clearance.
And such.

Outside the mushroom door is a bucket of herbs. The previous owners were growing something in it on the other side of the house. It now has dill, cilantro, and curry plants.

There are also some planters with chives, lettuce, basil and parsley

On the spa room patio there are more containers. This is what I am used to using so I couldn't see letting all my pots sit empty. Mud I had seed for container plants.

Here we have 2 tomatoes, two bush cucumbers, a jalap and 4 container corn that I was curious about.

In the back we ended up with like 18 tomato plants of many varieties. We like yellow best but had a time finding them.

I planted the rest of the corn and pole beans along the long edge.

There are five different pepper plants of different kinds. Also in the back cucumbers and squash.

3 1/2 weeks later it looks rather different.

I was nervous as I've never had a true garden before. Curious to see how it all turns out.

Update soon.

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