Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey - I PAID for that!!

Recently, one of my favorite blog friends had an article written about her frugal living blog. And the article was fantastic. I was excited for her because I thought it set a great tone and described her writing and lifestyle very well.

Yet, when it hit her town, she got blasted.


Not because she really doesn't live what she writes. No that is not it.

It's because even with all her fantastic frugal and organizational advice, she's accepted help in the form of some government programs.

OH GASP!!!!!

Because that cancels all the helpful things she's shared, right????

(switching gears)

Ever notice how some of the people you know get massively embarrassed if they are accepting help from government/state programs???

And I am NOT talking about our welfare leeches. Yes I said leeches. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that have never worked. The ones that are third generation welfare. The ones that are third generation high school drop-outs. With three kids. By three different men. (What I'm not talking about is those that worked and lost jobs and are finding it impossible to find a replacement, etc.) I will just be blunt and say I have nothing nice to say about people that live off of the system that they have never paid into. And yet they sure can afford those nice data phones with the $150 a month service plan. Or tricked out cars. Or jewelry to die for.
(Moving on before a true rant begins.)

No - I'm talking about households with jobs. People that are contributing members of our towns and societies. People who's taxes are paid. (And currently those laid off and out of work due to our wonderful economy.)

And sometimes things happen and they need a hand for awhile.

Why, why, why would you judge them?

Why would you think less of them?

They are just using the services they have actually PAID for.

If not this year, then last. Or maybe next year. Because its not like they quit working and producing and being productive members of society. They just need a temporary hand.

I know many many mothers that have used WIC. Including myself. Twice.

And so many of them are embarrassed to tell you so or get caught with the coupons.


Their husbands are working. Their taxes are taken out of their checks. They don't owe back taxes. They are PAYING for the WIC whether they use it or not. So if they qualify....why would this be shameful????

And yes I realize most of the above people get their tax money back. But that is this year. Next year might be a different story. Or the year after. My point is they don't live off of assistance. Someone in the household is actually working and supporting the family to the best of their ability - and it will remain this way for as long as they are able to work.

In my case I wasn't going to go as a 20 year old with a working husband, living on next to nothing. But my daddy looked me in the eye and told me to GO do it. HE was paying for it. He wanted to see his money spent on someone who was not just career welfare. We might be getting all our tax money back -- but he wasn't. And it made more sense to him to see his tax dollars at work for his grandchild than for someone that had never and would never be a productive member of our society.

Recently I had a discussion with my son on something similar. And I told him to go apply for help. He gasps and told me he would never do that.

I asked him why. We don't support (or even help) him. He was living on $400- $700 a month and had to pay for everything - including housing - out of it. While going to school full time.

And....We've already paid for it. Mommy and daddy already covered the help kid. We don't need it, and would be delighted to see him benefit from what's taken from us.

So friends.....STOP being embarrassed.

Stop worrying about what others will say.

And do not be ashamed to look someone in the eye and claim...

"Hey! I paid for this!"

(Note to my readers - I am specifically talking to people in working households that are accepting help. I am very well aware that there are people on welfare that actually belong there and deserve the help of society. I'm not talking to those individuals. I'm talking to the working class that are embarrassed to accept the help they are already paying for. They not only deserve these programs as much as those that can't pay for them....they might even deserve them more in my opinion. Without embarrassment.)


  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my post about diversity. Hope to see you back again!

    I love your blog! This post is wonderful! I grew up in a VERY affluent community where my family was just about the only poor family in town (my dad owned a gas station; my friends' dads? They owned IBM). I'm currently collecting unemployment after my second lay off in two I totally feel what you're saying here. You do the best you can; you work your hardest, but sometimes life just throws you a curve (or two or three).

  2. You are so right. Some folks try so very hard and just need a boost. No embarrassment there. I hope your son will not hesitate.

  3. Well said.
    I do hope we get to meet in "real life" one of these days. I so want to hug your neck sometime.