Saturday, October 4, 2014

Will We Ever Adjust?

Looks like I've disappeared for months again! I swear I just cannot get used to our new living schedule. In about the time it takes to develop a routine, it has to change again.  Pair that with trying to do as much possible together in the short time hubs is home..... Life is rather unpredictable. 

Once again I shall attempt to get back to the writing here. At least while daddy is gone. Half the time I can't remember what I have or have not told him about the events here at home. The blogging makes it easier. 

For a quick catch-up of my missing months...... 

The garden: 
About 3 days after I posted the pictures of my lush garden, it all started to die. The squash bugs took out some and the deer and other critters helped. Then came the hot weather.  And it was SO MUCH work as it drug on. By the end of July I was just tired of it. 

But we did have a good harvest of cucumbers, zucchini for awhile and spaghetti squash. Jalapenos and tomatoes did well until everything started to die.  Green peppers and corn not so great. Beans a total bust.  We really need to fence it off next year. 

A surprise trip to Houston:

Hubs next rotation included a week long school in Houston. That's only about three hours away. I decided to surprise him with an overnight visit. Something I have always wanted to do but never been close enough or able to leave the kids. This time it all worked out. 

Unfortunately I decided it would also be a good time to cover up my skunk stripe in my bangs. This was a hilarious adventure that resulted in clown orange hair that had to be fixed all on a tight time schedule. In the end I toned it down but still ended up rather bright in order to fix it.  

The trip was fun. It was a big surprise and before leaving for home the next day I was able to meet up with my cuz that I haven't seen in forever.  (And the hair color is back to normal now.)

Fun with My Friends: 

Although I wouldn't say this summer was as good as last, it was still full of fun with friends.  There were many days at the poolside of The Silent Laugher. Totally the best. Between her family and The Princesses family and the Nacho Ronnies, Mouse and I were well loved and included on what would have been very lonely holidays.  There are no words for how much this means. 

We spent 4th of July on a houseboat with those families. Mouse loves this. This summer she learned to swim in the lake instead of a pool. It's a rather different experience. And Mr. T took her out in the ski boat lots of times. A big shout out to him and Mr. C for looking out after her like they did their own. These guys are the real deal, super duper dads. 

Our weekend girl trip turned into a weekend in town trip as we welcomed a new baby into our friendship circle.  Little JoJo is beautiful of course. And we wouldn't go away without his amazing mother. Nope. Sadly, three of us got sick and I ended up going home early. Anyone heard of getting food poisoning from coconut cream? It's the only connection with the three. But I fully admit I got sick because everything we made had wheat. And I ate it. 

The dog pack:
Both dogs are getting porky as after a year in the house we still don't have a fence up so they are on lines when outside. And on a sad note, Bogart began having seizures. After a few episodes he was put on meds. It's under control now but if we forget the meds it happens again. 

And Cinder is still the beast that keeps us safe and keeps strangers away from our house.  And not so strangers. And UPS guys. And worst of all Fed Ex guys.  She has a real hate-on for Fed Ex.

San Antonio
On Hubs last rotation, we took a trip to San Antonio. Mouse wanted to see the Alamo since they had learned all about it in history. We were walking all over downtown that day so we got extremely hot and sweaty on the way there. So bad that there was no way we were taking pictures of ourselves.  So here is our family picture at the Alamo:

We decided to take her down to the Riverwalk also. So we stayed downtown for the night and the next day we moved to a resort with a waterpark. As a redhead I have learned the value of renting the cabana so I can stay out all day with my sun lovers. And the tv and personal attendant doesn't suck either. Just sayin. 

We ate lots of great Mexican food, had a drink or two and visited family. The next day we moved to San Marcus and spent the final day shopping the outlets for back to school. 

The Durango is dying a terrible death. When Songbird wrecked it something was messed up to where the brake line keeps getting gashed.  It is on borrowed time. 

And now that we are down to one kid, when the dealership wanted our van.....I couldn't turn it in fast enough. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing more functional for a large family that travels as much and as far as we do. Space plus gas mileage can't be beat. 

But I don't like them. 

So the reign of the minivan is over. 

And that's most of the highlights. I'm leaving out so much but this is long enough already. But I will leave you with a picture of my latest close call.  I should have measured it.... I'm guessing 10 inches. 

Don't Mess with Texas.