Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's Break Bread

“I would say to housewives, be not daunted by one failure, nor by twenty. Resolve that you will have good bread, and never cease striving after this result till you have effected it. If persons without brains can accomplish this, why cannot you?”
’Housekeeping In Old Virginia' Marion Cabell Tyree ed. (1878)

I've always been fascinated with the Breaking of Bread together.  It implies being together with those you esteem in some manner and sharing. And bread in some form is found in every culture in the world.  In Biblical times it was a major staple.

An attorney I worked for was also really big into breaking bread with his employees at least once a year. It was very important to him to sit down to a meal with all of us and show us that he loved us. Because to him (an Italian) there was nothing you could do to honor someone that was higher in importance than breaking bread together.  I loved that about him.

And lets fact it....nothing smells better than fresh bread baking. And warm bread right out of the oven?  Niiicccceeee.

And I grew up with those smells.  My grandfather made some amazing dinner yeast rolls that were so good.  My father would make his recipe sometimes.  And dad also had his own biscuit and cornbread recipes that were fabulous.  

But bread is work.  At least really good bread is.  And I'm not so much into the work aspect of bread.  Just being honest.  I don't like to knead. I hate getting my hands into food. 

So I've been watching with interest all the excitement in blog land over this book.

Bread in five minutes a day?  Right.  In my dreams maybe.  Nothing is that easy.

But more and more people talked about it.  And when Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom talked about it, then I knew I had to give it a try.

And it really was THAT easy.  And that quick.  And I only have to touch it once. (LOL)

And there are several master recipes in this book so there are lots of things to try. We love making Naan bread using one of them.  But the first master recipe is our favorite so far.  

I'm not going to share the recipe because you really need to own the book. This bread is as much about the process as it is about the recipe.  

But I am going to walk you through the steps to show you just how easy it is.

This is your first tool that you really need for this type of bread.  Because you are not going to knead this stuff. The tool will do the work for you.  In about 2 minutes.
You just add your ingredients to your mixer.  In our case our favorite recipe has only 4 ingredients. No fat.  None.  Flour, yeast, water, salt. Now, the flour is non-bleached white flour. You get rid of regular white flour altogether in your kitchen and just start using unbleached. Its still white. And its missing the bleaching chemicals.
Mix it up - takes about two minutes. Not kidding. You just want it all mixed.
It is a slightly wet and not really smooth texture. But as long as its all mixed together, it is done.
Your next tool is a food grade container that breathes.  I have not bough one of these yet so I'm using a large tupperware bowl.  I just sit the lid on instead of sealing it so the air/oxygen can get in and out. The breathing is important.  As soon as we get settled somewhere I will buy one of the bread containers made for this purpose.
Let it sit for two hours -- I usually do this on the stove.  The yeast rises. Now you are done for the day.  Set that cover back on the top, remembering not to seal it, and put it in the refrigerator.  For the best flavors you want it to sit overnight.  And it can stay in the fridge for up to 14 days. This is important as this batch will make four smaller loaves and you have two weeks to do it.  You can do it on 4 different days.

The next day, or whenever you are ready to bake, 30 minutes before you want to put it in the oven you pull it out and sprinkle the top with your flour to make it easier to handle.  Now you grad the size handful that you want (after dusting your hands with flour also).
And you sort of roll the edges underneath for a minute. Kind of like you are making a hat or something.  And this is the only point in the process where I have to touch the dough.
This is also where your next tool comes in.  A pizza peel.  You put cornmeal on the pizza peel so that the dough will be easy to flip onto the stone in the oven when it is time.  I suppose you could improvise here, but I'm not into burning myself so I bought the peel. Mine is bamboo but there are all different kinds.
I am baking two loaves as we are having hummus and bread so I put both on the peel.  Now I set my oven timer for 10 minutes.
Now I prep my oven.  You put a stone on the top shelf. That is what you will bake the bread on.  Also, you will notice I have a thermometer - you are to bake at 450 and you want to be true to that. I find my oven needs to be set on 475 to actually read 450. On the second shelf I use my broiler pan as my water pan.  One of the things that makes the crust so good on this bread is the steam that rises from this pan while cooking.

When the timer goes off I reset it for another 20 minutes and turn on the oven. The stone needs to preheat for 20 minutes while the bread is finishing its rise time.  (Which it really doesn't rise much at all - don't be alarmed if it looks the same as when you put it on the peel.)
The trickiest part to the whole process is flipping/sliding the dough from the peel to the stone.  I can now do two at a time and get them where I want them on the first toss.  Do this quickly and then pour water into the pan and close the door as quickly as possible so as little steam comes out as you can manage.

Now they bake for 30 minutes.
And then they are done.  I will say that this recipe is better is you let the bread cool all the way before eating. The texture is different when cool than when hot.  
And one of our favorite dinners is served.  Salad with hummus and bread.

Yum.  Hubs LOVES it. REALLY loves it.  

So its really that easy.  Please try this.  Find the book at your library and give it a try.  We are now to the point where we hate to buy bread at the store....even the fancy expensive stuff doesn't taste this good.  And let me know if you do and what you think!


Friday, February 17, 2012

I Am The Worst Kind Of Pond Scum

But you all already knew that, right?


You see, I question God.

And apparently that makes me the worst kind of human scum to exist on this earth. At least that is what the good Christians tell me.

Because I'm not going to fall down on my face and send up praises to the Lord for the hard times. I'm not going to bless Him for destroying what I have.

At least not in THAT moment.

But I also don't curse Him.  Or blame Him.  Or think I deserve something better. (filthy rags and all that)

But I do ask Him questions.  Lots and lots of questions.  And I am not afraid to beg for answers. Clear answers.  Answers only my Father has.

So the conversation might go something like this: Ok - so we need to know what to do.  And we need to know now or I'm not going to be able to keep it together.  You know that.  And I'd like an answer now -- because You tell us to ask and we will receive.  Or at least a clear sign that this is all in Your hands? And even though we want Your will, not our own, I'm asking for  it sooner than later. You know our hearts.  So how about a little mercy for the impatient one? Please?

Always I start and end with Your will and timing over all -- but here's my heart.  Because I don't want to be outside of His will and just given what I want.  But I'm going to ask for an answer.

And to do otherwise would be a lie.  To my God. Like He doesn't know.

But I guess I'm breaking some of the Christian handbook rules.

No, I didn't say Bible. Because the Bible tells us to bring all our petitions and sorrows and cares to Him. ALL OF THEM.

Even the questions.

And those of you that tell me I'm not allowed?

You are the ones that bring on my season's of doubt.

Not God.  Not hard circumstance.


No wonder so many people hate religion.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Favorite Superbowl Snack

Ok- so I admit that I am not a football fan.  Not that I don't like it -- just don't care. I did a little cheerleading when I was younger so I liked it at that point. But I grew into other things.

And the first half or more of my marriage I was fortunate enough to be married to someone that kept himself so busy that he didn't watch football. That was too long in front of the tv.  Heck, getting him to sit still for a movie wasn't easy either.

But things changed. A remote overseas.  6 years of in and out of the desert.  Well, there's not much you can do during those situations.  And most of the guys DO watch football so there was always that.

Throw in a back injury that keeps him out from underneath the hood of a car now....and you have a reborn football fan.  And even though the son didn't join in on these festivities....the middle daughter did and watched with her dad. And has a rival team even. It gets interesting.

So for the last however many years there was Superbowl Sunday.  And that means snacks.  Most of which are not good for you.

But the favorite in our house is the Nori Roll.

Because we all love sushi.  At least we all love the vegetable sushi. Songbird like the California rolls with crab. Hubs likes several different ones.  I just like the vegetable.  And it really hurts to go out and pay for them as they are expensive!! And the vegetables ones they charge as much as for the exotics!  What???

I can make six or more full rolls for what they charge me for one.

And I'm telling you all this because its not very hard.  It DOES take time.  But making the rice? Easy.  Cutting up your veggies......easy.  Then you have your rolling mat that makes rolling up the nori easy.  Squeeze that sucker to get it all to stick while in the mat and cut into however many pieces you like.  Its that easy.

And there are tutorials all over the internet.

I would recommend you do it with another person.  That makes it go a little faster as one person can roll and one can cut.  And if you are like me and don't have pretty end just get to eat them as you go. LOL.

I would definitely encourage anyone that likes sushi to give it a try at home. The mat is the only special thing you need.  I've heard of some people using saran wrap....but I've never done that.

And when you are done....

you have the best ever snack.  And trust me....they won't last a full two days even if you use two full packs of papers.  And that makes me feel good when the alternative snacks are fried cheese sticks and other crazy stuff.

So give it a try. And let me know if you do...and how it turned out.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day While He's Away

Today I have another guest post. This time it is from Allison.

My name is Allison and I am a fun-loving, adventurous being. When my job doesn’t have me traveling I normally guest blog, ride my horse, or hang out with friends. I normally write about natural health and healing, but ever since my bother got word he would deploy I like to share ideas about how to still be you, manage life, and keep the love alive when a loved one is not around. I’m starting a blog of my own, it is called Musings of a Curios Mind.

Valentine's Day While He's Away

The environments in which deployed soldiers live are not exactly what one would expect to see on a vacation post card. These brave men and women are forced to live in extremely small spaces, and they have very little time or space to themselves. And the space that they do have should be filled with signs of love and support from those back home; this is especially true during Valentine's Day. Any little thing that is sent to a soldier will touch his/her heart, but on this day he/she should feel especially loved. Even though your love may be long distance, get creative and make their day.


Many couples choose to go see a movie on Valentine's Day, and there's no reason to let a little thing like distance get in the way of that now. While a soldier and their significant other cannot sit next to each other, it does not mean that they cannot enjoy the same experience at the same time. Send him some popcorn, movie-sized candy, and a good romantic comedy for Valentine's Day; and instruct him to watch the movie at a specific time. Lovers will be able to enjoy the next best thing to being with one another.


From time to time, soldiers like to just look at pictures from home and reminisce on great times. This is where you and your family need to get creative and make some photo pages for a continuous album. Gather up the kids, family members, and friends and have a little party to make special pages for your soldier. This is will show them that so many people are supporting them and thinking about them even though they are not around. And having a continuous photo-album can make it easier to follow the timeline of their deployment and make it feel like they were there with you during the events in pictures.


The PXs on base have a limited supply of sweets for the entire brigade. Make a soldier's day by sending him an abundance of Valentine's Day candy. To be extra sweet, pack some of his favorites or make some home-cooked goodies. This will bring you and his/her home to their heart and tummy.


The power of the voice can go a long way. The best way to send love and emotions is through your voice. This is why, if you can, try and arrange a Skype or telephone meeting. Really be close on Valentine’s Day and celebrate it just like the rest of us.

Friday, February 10, 2012

TSA Pat Downs And the Big Boo Hoo

This post will not make me any friends. This I know.

And I don't care.

Because I am so tired of all of the crying and screaming over TSA pat downs.

Cause guess what?

Even as an don't have the RIGHT to fly without submitting to the owners/regulators requirements.

Because you don't own the plane.

But there is someone that DOES own that plane. And its not cheap. They want to protect their multi-million dollar plane and their workers on board.  And yes, the passengers also. Because when they don't they pay out even more money in lawsuits.

So the people that provide and oversee that service...they DO have the right to require just about anything they like. It's THEIR plane. It's their responsibility.

And if you don't like an invasive, sometimes inappropriate pat down....well -- DON'T FLY.  In THEIR plane.

Because what you do have is the right to choose how to go. Or not to go.  You have the OPTION of flying in this country, should you be able to afford it.

And if flying is your only choice, then shut up and get on the plane. You don't have the right to make the rules or requirements unless you own that plane.  And you don't.

And it is YOUR personal responsibility to do whatever it is you need to do far from home. Nobody else's.  You are lucky enough to live somewhere that air travel is an option. And if you are complaining you are also in a position to get your hands on a ticket.

But nobody owes you any of this.

And it is not some God given right.

So grow up. Take responsibility for your choice to travel on someone else's vehicle and follow the required steps. And if those steps are repulsive to you....don't fly.  Get over yourself.


Flying is NOT a RIGHT.

(And we all have different opinions on what type of pat down is appropriate or not -- so that argument is worthless.  It IS a risk that you will be touched in a way you don't want to be if you fly. Heck, its more than a risk, its almost a guarantee. Know it.  And then make your choices.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Pantry is Almost Bare

I'm feeling a little panicked at the moment.

You see, I've always kept the kitchen/pantry stocked with the staples plus more.

So every time we move I have to step a little outside my comfort zone and eat up the extra food stuff before the packers arrive.  But I didn't worry too much about never got excessively low.

But our move to Ohio we were overweight for the first time.  And when you are overweight -- you pay for the overage.  Especially if its your retirement move.  Which is where we are at.

And with the scary stories I've been told by other retirees about thousands of dollars taken from their retirement check for those overages...well I'm doing my best to wipe all foods out. And downsize anywhere else I can.

And the freezer is empty already.  But that's a normal one. Of course we never shipped frozen food.

All my self-canned food is used up except for a jar of jalapeno's and cucumber slices in the refrigerator.

And the staples are running down.  Which is a little uncomfortable as you should never be low on flour and sugar and such, right?

But the big deal is the pantry with the real food. Normally I would downsize some but ship a few boxes of food.  We would have it the day it arrived at the new house.

But this time we cant afford to do that.  And I can see the walls and the back of the pantry on some shelves.

Add to that the fact that we are down to one paycheck with no job and I start to hyperventilate when I think of it.

Because if there was no job but a full pantry....we'd still be fine for a few months.  No problem. My babies would eat.

Because I was brought up under the teaching of you pay your bills, THEN you eat.

Which means my kids won's eat.

Which makes me all kinds of obsessed with the fact that I don't have a survival stash of food.

Yes, autumn has hit the "obsess much?" phase.

And its not pretty.

Its also seed order time for the garden.  And I can't order anything as I have no idea where we will be at planting time.  And that's more of an enjoyable thing than  a need...but that's bothering me too.

Because it would still be food.

Is it any wonder I am overweight with this obsession????

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post by Kristin Wells

Hey Guy!  Today we have a guest post from Kristin. She is a recent college grad with a degree in creative writing.  When she offered to do a guest post for me I was happy to say yes.


                                               Keep Traveling And Keep Having Fun

Vacationing with family is always fun. Being able to travel, see the sights, visit places together and share the experience lasts a lifetime. It does not matter how the economy is doing, whether it is good or bad. Spending time with the family is priceless. Military families do not always get to spend time together. Mobility, orders to remote bases, war, training exercises or classes can keep them apart for extended periods of time. This makes time together all the more precious.

Families of those who travel for a living such as truckers, salespeople, executives and so forth are in a similar position, but it really is not the exact same thing. Non- military families can learn from military families about spending time together, making ends meet and making every moment count.
Renting an RV or simply driving your own vehicle if big enough and going to a nearby state or national park for a weekend gives the family a relaxing and interesting place to stay. It is a very inexpensive way to spend the weekend. No three- day weekend or pass is necessary; leaving Friday night and coming back Sunday afternoon is a great mini- vacation.

Take a camping trip, even if it is in the same city. If your city has an RV park that allows tenting, check out camping gear and arrange for a weekend camping trip. You are away from the house, but close enough to showers, hiking, lakes and more depending on the park. The cost is minimal and if the weather gets too bad, you can always go home quickly. Personally, some of my fondest memories growing up were made during camping trips. Grilling out and making smores, while my dad told stories are memories I think about often. It can be a great opportunity for the family to get to get to bond a little more. Also, make sure to take into account any health concerns of family members into consideration while planning. Some places may not be ideal for someone stricken with 
Pleural Mesothelioma because of high altitude concernsMWR, for example, is a great place for information, discounts and coupons. Some bases near historical cities in the States and overseas have discounted tours. This is a great inexpensive way to spend a day with the family. Splurge on treats featuring the local fare and leave the driving to the bus operator.
For a special weekend, see a local travel agent and ask about any military family weekend specials. If none are available at the moment, perhaps the agent can find something in the family's price range for a future weekend getaway.

Attend a local festival, party in the park or other local event. Pretend to be tourists seeing the city for the first time. Ask the family what they would like to see through a tourist's eyes. Send pictures and descriptions to relatives and friends. Military families deserve weekend fun and excitement just like anyone else. Since the military member(s) can be called away at any time for any length of time, time together is essential. 

Kristin Wells is a recent college graduate from The University of Georgia and an aspiring writer. She wants to make a difference in people's lives through her writing. Kristin also likes competitive cycling, running, and traveling as much as possible.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Three Dog Night

Thank goodness its been a mild winter.  I really do not like the cold. Not my thing.. No.

But why is it, that when its 65 degrees outside, it feels great and you can run around in a sweatshirt and be almost hot.  But walk into the house where its reading 71 degrees and you freeze your butt off??? Someone explain that to me.

Especially since even with a mild winter the heat bill went up over $100.  I didn't even have that much of a jump with my air conditioning in the summer.


I was reading a book, I think it was "Little Heathens", about growing up during the depression and the things they went through.  Great read.

And in this book I learned yet another reason to have a dog. Or two.

Because when you can't afford the heat and you turn that thermostat down...

You can add the dog to the bed to keep you warm.  And in this book that is what they did. And how cold it was determined how many dogs were allowed in and upstairs to the kids rooms.  Was it a one dog night or a two dog night?

When I was telling my husband this story it was an ahhaa moment for the name of the band Three Dog Night.  And there are probably people out there that knew this....but we didn't. We were too busy growing up middle class and not being exposed to that kind of hardship.

But I can tell you that it really works.  Of course the dobbie is not allowed in any bed -- she'd take over.  But The Rat?  That 7 pound nut case?  Its like adding 3 more people to the bed. He is really that warm.  Which is good since he is Songbirds dog and she has the coldest room in the house.

And great when he takes a nap with me because he likes to be by my feet which are always cold.

And that's the end of the story.

Expected it to be better than that didn't you? LOL.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Roll Update

I figured it was time to clean up my blog roll. Many people (like myself) have taken a break from blogging or writing or have just been overtaken by the complications of life and are not an online presence at this time.  So, I thought I'd share the blogs that I have been reading most.  Well, most of them....there are a few that aren't listed here but its more because of their circumstances and the probability of them no longer blogging much either. And I have several new ones that I just havent read all the way through yet to determine if I'm going to keep them. (Yes, my OCD is that I must read ALL of a blog..or a book...or watch all of a matter how bad. It's a curse.

So here's a little info on my new line-up:

Adoption related blogs: Love reading the journeys of other adoptive families....especially if their family dynamics are very similar to ours.

Born In Our Hearts
A momma my age with a large age difference in her children...that is very close to the age differences in mine.  And funny. I love funny.  A family that I can see my family enjoying and getting into fun with.  Her oldest is adopted from the Philippines and the youngest from Thailand. Oh, and her husband? Mad zombie invasion skills....or at least hurricane aftereffects skills anyways.

Adoption and Fire
Mom and dad work with the Fire Department in Houston Tx and other projects. Katherine is adopted from China.  Love Wendy's pictures....she takes some of the greatest shots. For a little twist on the adoption subject, Wendy was adopted also....a white child to an Asian family. So at the family reunions....its not her daughter adopted from China that stands out. And Wendy? She is amazing. From Burn Camps to fundraisers for Firefighters families to family support of the fallen. What an amazing woman. Love her photos on the events she attends and works.

Our Little Tongginator
One of my all time favorites still going strong.  Our daughters are the same age and both have their fair share of adoption related issues.  Love her voice also.  Never a dull moment. The end of last year they were finally able to adopt their second child from China so she has had her hands quite full and doesn't have the opportunity to write like she used to. But this is one open minded and wise lady. I always feel like I learn from her.  And the Tongginator is a hot mess of a crazy funny child.  How I wish we lived close to this family. You may remember the baby quilt I made for them last year.

Being Prepared: This is a new thing for me. At least reading blogs about it.  No, I don't think the world is going to come to an end or some huge event is going to take out half of mankind. I do believe our latest pres was the final nail in our coffin. I believe it only gets worse from here. We cannot sustain our national debt.  Jobs will be harder to get. Life will be more expensive. And crime will rule our lives. Plus look at all the NATURAL disasters that just keep steamrolling us.  So I just want to be a little more self sufficient.  A little more prepared for hard patches.

Surviving in Argentina
I think we have so much to learn from Argentina. They were once a fantastic country, mostly middle class and well to do. It took one charismatic yet unqualified leader to turn the poor against the middle class and rich, default on their national debt and bring the country down. You cannot read the history of their economic collapse without seeing our current truth all over it.  Why our country thinks it can follow the exact same path without consequence is just beyond me.  Anyways, this blog goes over what its like to live in a crime infested country where the criminals are not punished but those they attack are....because its the poor that keep the leaders in office.  Fernando has also written a book that I have not had a chance to get my hands on as of yet.

Surviving the Suburbs
A believer in the "peak oil" problems to come in our country. Again, someone who wants to be self sufficient and live well when things in our country become more expensive and life as we know it changes for the worse.  Not a doomsday blog...a being responsible for yourself and your family mindset.  She has also written a book that I have read and it was very good and gives you plenty of things to think about that you could be doing to lesson the impact of a harder lifestyle to come. Very much a stay right where you are and make it work for you blog.

Mom blogs I love:
Some of these are military moms and some are not. These are my most read. I have left out several others I read in an effort to keep my list smaller. Its easy enough to update it and do this again.

Diary of a Stay at Home Mom
Another military mom who puts her family above all else and has made them her "job". We have many things in common. She does run a much tighter home on the cleaning front than I do, lol! And talk about great recipes. Reading, crafts, cooking, family, Christian, military life, household management and a huge heart are what this blog is all about.

Want What You Have
One of my top three. This is just a personality thing as much as a fantastic blog. We have lots in common and we think very much alike.  Not a military family, just a "family above all" family. Heather has a gift for writing and is sure to have you in stitches with some of her stories. And you know...her and her husband got married on a train. How cool is that.  Heather is a master at sharing organization tips and help for around the home and lives a frugal life by choice. Another person I'd really like to meet in person. Heather also shares some great recipes- including a home made pita I need to give a try for our hummus and Tadzhik nights.

Down to Earth
Another one of my staple blogs about self sufficient and frugal living. This time its a retired couple living in Australia.  Rhonda is a valuable resource that shares her knowledge and lifestyle in a non-judgmental and encouraging way.  The Bible talks about the older women mentoring the younger...and that's exactly what you get here.

Quilting blogs: I haven't been quilting much at this  point this year. What with the major projects of last year and our uncertainty of what comes next. But there are a couple of blogs I still follow anyways...

andie johnson sews
Andie lives in a city not too far from me. Reading her blog led me to find the best ever quilt shop in Waynesville Ohio. I love her for this. Plus I have enjoyed all interaction with her and hope to actually meet her before we leave Ohio. I almost got to go to last years huge quilt show in Cinnci to meet her but I had a Girl Scout function that kept me away.  Love Andie's work that she shares. Here is a picture of the Modern Scrappy Baby Quilt that she has a tutorial for on her site:

Oh Fransson! 
Still on my list. Talk about amazing work. Right now she just finished this "Sparkle Punch" quilt that I really love. And its a tutorial. I think I should make this. Do you think I should make this?

And I think that it more than enough for my side bar for now.  I have several blogs I need to read through to see if they are worth keeping and sharing.  When I have I'm sure I'll update again.  Hope you found something new and interesting here today.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where's The Beef?

Hey guys! Just passing on some great info. I'm a big fan of Dave from Wendy's and his work with foster care and adoption.  They have a fun program going on right now!

“Wear” the Beef with Wendy’s Retro Style T-shirts to
Make a Difference for Foster Children

WHAT:  How can you make a difference? Let us count the ways. Now Wendy’s® is giving you two easy ways to support children in foster care:
  • Get creative by designing your own T-shirt on WendyThreads Design Studio, a new Facebook app where you can mix and match graphics and colors to create a unique tee. The grand prize winners will receive $5,000 and have his or her shirts sold to benefit Wendy’s Wonderful Kids™, the signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption™.
  • Through March 31st, purchase the bright yellow vintage-style T-shirt that regained popularity in last year’s “Where’s the Beef?” TV commercial for $20 at* A portion of the proceeds will go to the DTFA to benefit its signature program, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids.

*T-shirts are being sold and produced by The Marco Corporation. Access their site via

WHEN:  Wendy’s is calling on all fans to rock the chain’s retro-style T-shirts through purchase from The Marco Corporation on and fan-created tees through a Facebook design contest, WendyThreads.  On the online contest, fans can submit their designs through February 29th, when they will then be put to a vote, with the top 10 styles reviewed by celebrity judges Trey Songz, Erin Andrews and Whitney Port.  The celebrity judges will select three grand prize winners to receive $5,000 and have his or her T-shirts produced and sold by Homage LLC.  Wendy’s will donate $4.25 from each shirt sold to benefit children in foster care. The winning T-shirts from the Facebook contest and the retro tees will be available for purchase until March 31.

WHY:  Your support will help 137,000 children in foster care in North America find permanent loving homes through adoption. More information about Wendy’s Wonderful Kids and the Wendy’s Company listed below.

About Wendy’s Wonderful Kids
Wendy’s Wonderful Kids finds permanent adoptive homes for foster children, many of whom have waited years to join a family. To date, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids has awarded more than $7 million in grants to adoption agencies and organizations, and those funds have been used to find permanent adoptive families for more than 2,200 foster care children – and counting.

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About the Wendy’s Company
The Wendy's Company is the world's third largest quick-service hamburger company. The Wendy's system includes more than 6,500 franchise and Company restaurants in the United States and 27 countries and U.S. territories worldwide. For more information, visit or