Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Might Be A Bad Parent/Redneck/All Around Bad Person If.....

.....your 6 year old writes out Kesha lyrics from memory as her 1st grade daily journal writing...

(and just for clarification...she writes her b's as d's)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Wow.

So I've been on a quest.

I decided at some point that I was interested in a Kindle or a Nook. I have the Kindle ap on my phone and I love having it at my fingertips. I don't like the size of the screen on the phone for reading a book. That is annoying. Not standing in line waiting annoying....more like two hour lay over at an airport annoying. So anyways, I got it into my head that I would like a reader.

So I started researching and asking everyone what they have, what they like and what they would recommend.

When I got closer to buying, the hype started for the new iPad2. So I think to myself that maybe I should get a first generation when the new ones comes out since I should be able to get one at a discount with the new model out. And you can do so very much more than you can on a reader. And the screen is bigger for reading -- and my eyes aren't getting any younger.

Right. Anyone that knows Apple knows two things. One - Apple controls the prices. Two - Apple under produces the new product for a significant amount of time while slightly dropping the price on the older model so they can move them out quickly. Because human nature says that once you've made the decision to go get that iPad2 and you are told there is a four plus week wait on the new one...but here's the old one at a great (hah!) discount..... well, there are a significant amount of people that will buy the first gen and not wait.

So the first generation iPads are really not that discounted. Not in my opinion anyways.

So I start looking at the differences between the two. The changes are kinda significant. Better speaker - which is good for watching Netflix. Two cameras - which I am not the least interested in. Mirroring to the tv - which is AWESOME. And its faster. Significantly faster. Plus its some percentage lighter and smaller. But let me just say that percent is not impressive when you consider the size you start with -- that's just hype really. So, is it worth the extra two hundred for the speed and the mirroring? Yes.

So I make a big big decision that since they are not fire saling the first gen, I might as well buy the new one.

So I scrape up all my cash I've been saving and the hubs even throws in the difference. And I go to buy that new toy with cash.

And nobody has them. I'm stuck waiting.


I get a phone call telling me that I am a winner in the referral contest at the Ortho's office.

We won a 42 inch flat screen tv.

And I should be excited. I mean, we have never had good tv's since we got married. Until we moved here. Because the moving company broke the access doors on both dinosaur tvs and had to pay replacement costs. So we actually have 2 nice tvs for the first time ever in over twenty years.

And why am I telling you this?

Because even though its a fantastic prize -- we don't need or have a want in that direction. So so so sad.

And I just had this feeling.....


We went to pick up that tv and have the picture done and all.

And what is advertised as the next referral prize???

You know it.

The iPad2.

THERE's Murphy!
(Just so you know I'm not unhappy about the new prize....the 32 inch from the bedroom is going on the wall over my quilting table so I can watch Netflix on a real tv instead of a laptop while I'm in there. I'll probably never come out.)

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Pink Thing

So I freely admit I am NOT a girly-girl.

I totally skipped all those female related classes in life. Fashion 101? Totally flunked.

Complimentary Colors? Whatever.

Hair Styles with Pizazz! Not.

But my girls are very much girly-girls. Maybe that's why my son was my most fun tyke. (Ummmm...did I just say that out loud??)

Recently I was drug to Kohl's by the teen for yet another "NEED" in the clothing department. It is beyond amazing how many needs she has. As in -- she eats 90% of our clothing allowance. No wonder she can go 2 weeks without doing laundry.

Anyways....I'm off on a rabbit trail. Redirecting.

On this particular trip the Mouse saw a pink, girly, pom-pom on the zipper even....sleeveless vest/coatish thing.

And she loved it.

She HAD to have it.

I was horrified and actually laughed thinking it was a joke. But it wasn't. And she was rather insulted and not happy with me and informed me that she HAD to have it.

Mouse has NEVER had to have anything outside a toy store before.

So I took a step back. And discussed that it wasn't real practical (what idiot discusses that with a 6 year old?? One with a teen and a young adult apparently).

But she would not be swayed.

And daddy came around the corner and she had to show it to him also. He was not impressed either.

So I told her to let me see the tag. Luckily she is very well trained in "too expensive" and does not fight that battle.

So I look at the tag....and its on clearance for $10.


So to make a long story shorter, we ended up buying that fuzzy pink thing that makes my teeth hurt just to look at it.

She's worn it a million times the last couple of months. She wears in under coats....over coats...instead of coats. Whatever. So I definitely have seen my money's worth of wear.

And lately it has kind of grown on me.

Even if it is pink.

And fuzzy.

But I still have serious issues with the pom-pom thing on the zipper.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Somebody Buy That Girl Some Perfume!!!

I don't know how well this story will translate on this blog....but you know it had to be really good for the Hubs to turn to me and say......"sounds like good blog fodder to me".

So the other night Hubs and I are in the living room when Mouse bounces in. (Because she's very much like Tiger around the house....can't walk, must bounce.)

And Hubs and I both did that snort thing. You know, where you blow hard out your nose because you just got a whiff of something? And not necessarily a stinky something so much as an OVER ABUNDANCE of smell from an unidentified chemical source.

It had to be Mouse.

And it wasn't a smell natural to Mouse. Heck, it wasn't a natural smell at all.

But when did she get perfume? She doesn't have perfume. No body spray.

Nothing that I can think of.

So we asked her if she had on perfume.

Yes. She needed to smell good.

But she doesn't have perfume! And really, neither does mommy since she has so many skin issues....and daddy hates perfume anyways.

And as we sat there with perplexed looks on our faces, it finally dawned on me what that was.

"MM? Did you spray yourself with the bathroom spray??????"

"Yep!! I smell GOOD!!!!"

And you can imagine the horrified gasps and the lecture on the poison that is bathroom spray...blah, blah, blah that followed.


Air Freshener???

And when I went to tuck her into bed a few minutes later.....her whole room was saturated with that smell. (Insert second lecture.)

And I thought to know this is all because you laughed so hard at Wendy and the baby powder incident. I so asked for it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy Season

I promise I'm still alive and kicking. And there are no major disasters happening. This is just a busy season for all of us so I'm not on the computer as much. And that can only be a good thing -- right?

Right now is Girl Scout Cookie time so we are knocking out booth sales all this month. Mouse is doing surprising well with it all. She doesn't want to ask people if they want to buy cookies, but she wants to hand them the cookies, collect money and give back change. I'll take it.

We bought a new van. We were starting to have to put money in the Chrysler every couple of months. We were literally on the way to the mechanic and pulled into the dealership because of a flyer we received. They still had some 2010 vans they were very serious about unloading. So even though we weren't really in the market for a car....we drove out in a new vehicle with the same car payment...and an upgrade. We did trade from Chrysler to Dodge but with significant extras with the Dodge...and the passenger windows roll down in the back. And Mouse is loving the dvd player. (If Santa only knew this was coming he could have skipped the personal dvd player at Christmas.)

Songbird is in concert season and state testing in school. Can you say fun...

Hubs is always flying out to somewhere it seems. It is short trips though so that is really not a complaint.

Sleep has become an evasive thing. Seems like if anything wakes me in the least bit from 3 am on...I cannot get back to sleep. And I'm the queen of sleep so this is NOT good. I feel grumpy and tired almost every day. I don't like it. And sleeping aides? Not. Mouse still wakes up with massive nose bleeds, is in a screaming nightmare phase and just generally wakes up at night...and once the hubs is asleep he doesn't wake up no sleep aides for me.

All our things seem to be breaking at once. Replaced the washer and dryer. New Van. This computer is ready to be retired (with lots of flames and smoke...or maybe a pick-ax). Some big dollar thing keeps coming up and ruining my run on trying to get all the bills paid off. But, having said that, we aren't adding to the bills yet either...we are just not being able to funnel all those funds and pay things off. I shouldn't complain.

See? Lots of boring and busy stuff that just isn't worth blogging about.