Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday with Murphy

And here we go again with another week of things going any way except for as expected. We are sure kept too busy to be bored!

1. A lovely person decided to door ding my van. It's very ugly. White on dark blue so very visible. Not a big deal in the big picture of life, but it really sucks when you can't have nice things because jerks destroy your property. Thanks friend.

2. Still no sign of the missing paycheck from March 1. BUT  the retirement check showed up exactly on time on April 1.

3. Sadly the amount of the check wasn't as good as I expected. After bills we will have $52 for food and gas and everything else we might need.  Not sustainable at all.  So we have back-up plans in the works.

4. We did get a bill from the hospital. BUT its for $30. It was all processed right for once and that is a civilian ER visit co-pay.  I can handle that.  Well -- not on $52 a month (lol) but I am ecstatic that we are only paying $30 on a $3000 bill.

5. Both the girls are over the top BABY'S lately!!!! I know things are out of wack....but is that any excuse for trying to send your parents over the edge????

6. Dion and I both got hit with scams that added charges to our phones. Luckily I called ATT after I found the problem on his phone...which resulted in finding 2 on my phone. The charged on my phone were taken  off since I caught them so quick.

So that's my week. A little better in some ways but we are still operating in the red. No real progress on the job front.  And right now I'm just looking forward to the school year being over.

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