Monday, April 9, 2012

Murphy Takes a Break

Although the missing paycheck is still, well...missing...

things have settled down a bit around here.

We went on a Spring Break Camping Trip to break in the new trailer.  But that is a whole 'nother post.

Hubs at least had a phone screening with a company....which is more than we can say about the prior months since losing out on the government jobs.

Everybody is healthy.

Today is Cinders Gottcha Day with us.  She had her annual vet visit. With that and a years worth of heartworm and flea control, along with 6 month of the same for Bogart, I dropped over $400 on the fur kids. Completely out of savings. Ouch.

Mouse celebrated her 8th birthday with a big pan of Mac N Cheese -- her request for dinner, and cupcakes with light blue frosting - also her request.  Bones also celebrated his birthday yesterday. It stinks being so far away from him.

And the days blend one into another with no answers or progress.  Have I mentioned how much I hate waiting? Patience is not my thing.

Yet, we wait.

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