Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where We Go From Here a big mystery.

We cannot stay where we are because there just isn't enough money.  The rent here is way too high for us to keep paying.  Yet, if we move into another rental here it would be in an unsafe neighborhood for my girls. And the military will only move us once.  So that option is off.

We could pick a place in Texas and move on faith.  But that is crazy. 

Luckily we CAN move out of this house and have up to a year for the military to store our stuff until we have an address for them to bring it to.  That frees us up a little.  To be stuffless anyways.

We also have to think about the dogs. They complicate absolutely everything.  

So after going over all different kinds of possibilities and scenarios and our finances,etc., we made a decision that is actually rather nuts.  Or unconventional anyways.

At this point if Hubs got a job the girls and I would stay behind so they could finish school. Its just too late to move Songbird.  So that is two rents (which is fine with another paycheck).

And when we do move we have the pet deposits at each hotel. With two dogs that is $100 extra, non-refundable.  And if its Texas we get back to it will be at least a three day trip as Cinder does not travel well.  That's three nights in hotels while traveling and then whatever time while we try to find a place to live where ever we end up. If we can find a place that will let us have a dobbie.  

So we started throwing around ideals.  You know we've always wanted a camping trailer.  With Hubs back surgery tent camping is just not that easy for him.  And hey, if he has to leave us behind, instead of staying in a hotel he could stay at a RV park much cheaper.  It's cheaper than renting an apartment also. 

Then there is the travel whenever we do move.  In an RV we have cheaper stays nightly without that pet deposit.  Plus I wont be so worried about the dogs barking in a hotel room or having an accident or whatever.  We find an rv park that allows pets and then we can even stake them out while we chill outside with them.  So much better for them. 

It all makes sense.  And on top of that we end up with a RV to camp.  And say we decided to never to \camp again.  Well then we sell it.  There is at least some kind of return-- which is more than you can say about a hotel room stay.  

Of course we went through all kinds of pro/cons lists.  Its a thing with us.  

And in the end the pros won.  

The only downside of the whole thing is the money.  We had the rv place run the numbers and I just did not like the %rate we were given.  Being jobless we are a risk so we didn't get a great rate.  And I'm used to getting a great rate.  So I said no.  Plus, the last thing we need is another bill.

So, we robbed the bank.  

Our retirement bank that is. We cashed in an investment we had..

And paid cash for our new RV.  No bank note. No bills. Free and clear.  

Say hello to our new home:

At this point we plan on staying in the rental until the girls finish school.  We can handle the financial strain until then. After that we are free to pull up stakes.  We will have our belongings packed up and stored by the government.  Then we are free to travel where ever Hubs wants to job search.  And we have until next March before we will need to worry about our stored belongings.  

Not that this will be easy. How could it be without our belongings, with two dogs and two girls that love to pick at each other and fight?  But our housing expenses will go from about $1550 to just under $600 (ipad internet, monthly rental at rv site and laundry costs). We can live on that.

So there you have our biggest news.

Its definitely going to be an adventure.


  1. Way to think outside of the box Autumn! Love the creative thinking you guys are doing. And the girls will definitely remember the adventure! Thinking about you as always - love you bunches.

  2. I love it! You know, if you were interested, you could actually roam around the country, following the "season." There are lots of "seasonal" jobs here and there. Some jobs might not work with your husband's back issues, but there are other things - like ticket-taker at an amusement park, for instance. Having the RV would be perfect - if you just wanted to be transient for a while. Talk about experiences ... and education!

    Lots of homeschoolers go on the road for months at a time. It's always touted as the opportunity of a lifetime, and those folks always have great stories to tell about their adventures. There was a time when I thought I wanted to live in an RV and be a used book dealer - like a book mobile. I'd just pull up in a parking lot somewhere, pull out my tables and boxes of books, and hang out there with my "bookstore" until someone made me leave ;).

    Oh, and re: campground fees. There are some stores that will allow you to stay overnight in their parking lot. You could save a few dollars that way :).

  3. I will have to look into the stores that let you overnight. I understand truck stops will also...and they usually have showers inside.

    The only drawback is my oldest at home starts her senior year next fall -- and she doesn't want to be homeschooled. If she did it would make life easier. I've even considered asking her grandma to keep her for the year and paying for her keep of course. That would free the rest of us up -- and the youngest has begged to be homeschooled from day one.

    And hey - I have enough books in my house to start a mobile bookstore right now! lol