Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinterest Project #5

If you have ever used a travel trailer, you are probably aware that the mattresses are not really standard sized.

In the master there is a queen...but it is a "short" queen.  If you have some older sheets you might find some that fit okay, but the newer sheets are usually deeper so they don't fit as well.  Luckily I found an older sheet that looks like it will work just fine.

For the bottom bunk the mattress is a twin but it is really thin.  Again, with an older sheet or one with lots of elastic you might be in luck on fitting it.  Again, we found an older sheet at Goodwill for pennies that fit just fine.

But that crazy top bunk? Narrower than a twin and thin.  That had to be a custom job.

If you have ever looked to buy RV sheets, you know that means a starting price of about $60.

And since we could very well end up living in the RV for a bit, sheets are necessary.

So again, I found a sheet at Goodwill for pennies to alter using a pinterest pin on my camping board.
 I didn't have a large enough work surface so I had to pull out the sofa bed.  I tried the floor but monster dog thought that was an open invitation to use it herself.  Anyways, I followed the directions and cut down to the size I needed and then sewed it all up.

And it worked perfectly.  So glad someone pinned that picture and then I actually saw it.

Love it!

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  1. If you keep posting projects from pinterest, I might actually check it out. This one especially piqued my interest.