Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Great....We're Trendy Now

This was a post for a contest over at Preparedness Pro that I wrote 2 weeks ago.  Just sharing.

Doing the popular and trendy thing has never been a priority in our lives.
But I must say I am thrilled to see so many people preparing their homes and families for hard times.

Notice how so many of them can recall relatives that lived through the depression…and the things they absorbed from their actions? That is really the starting point of my story. My grandfather lived an honorable and prepared life because of what his family lived through.  I love the stories of the whole family following the dad…a lineman…and how they lived camping. Transport was by horse.

My Papa grew up to be career military.  Then my mother married career military.  Then I married career military.  Yes, my children are third generation born in military hospitals. So again, being frugal and being prepared was a way of life all the way down the line.

But we didn’t call it prepping.  Actually I grew up with a “Deep Larder”.  And it felt safe.  Even when we moved there were boxes of food to open on that first day in a new home.  Always we could eat.

Fast forward to now. Hubs just retired from a 26 year military career.  We were expecting a quick move and a choice of jobs. And we knew we were overweight on our household goods so we spent the last 8 months eating that larder to keep down all the money we are going to have to pay to have it moved that last time.  So the freezer was empty, the pantry was close to bare and we were ready to start packing. And I must admit I was a little uncomfortable without my deep larder because tornado season was coming.  But it was temporary.

And then it happened.  Several billion in defense cuts.  And the jobs that were waiting…all disappeared.  And nobody is hiring.  And we aren’t even getting call backs.

So here we sit.  With no deep larder.  No security of any kind.  And I HATE it.  It keeps me awake at night.  Because the retirement check covers our bills, but only leaves us $52 to live on for the month. Not doable.

And I morn the fact that we took the steps we did – because we KNOW better than to be caught without.  And now we are paying for it.But I also don’t see spending the extra thousands to pay to move food.

And there is no money to do anything to start building back up.  So instead I’m working on some of the other basics….mindset and getting in better shape.  Its not much, but it is SOMETHING.  Because even without money you can work on some areas of preparing.  And I learned that right here.  Thanks Kellene!



  1. I totally understand the prepared thing. I have hated cutting back every time we move - Just keep the thought of living in the camper. You won't be able to be stocked up if you are living week by week there. This is good practice, right?

  2. No kidding right?? But at the point we are living in a camper I'd say we've hit rock bottom with no where to go but up on! LOL! Its just so hard knowing in an emergency we have to rely on government assistance. We all know just how stupid that it.