Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh The Haters You Will Meet!!

(Think Dr. Seuss.)

Can you believe? Again?  The old working vs. non-working mom/women debate again???

Like many others I sat stunned as I watched a woman on national television tell me that I am a pathetic waste of space.  Because I don't work.

Oh the politicians have jumped all over this.

And at first I was beginning to be outraged....but was FUNNY.

This is SO tired!!!

I don't need some hater that has no connection to my life telling me what I am or am not worth.  And I actually don't care what hateful people think.  I don't live their life and they don't live mine. So why is this person even relevant?

And that's just it.

Haters aren't relevant.

Whether its the stay-at-home vs. working mom debate or shots vs. no shots or internet trolls slamming your blog posts.

So what?

We all have opinions and live different lives.

We all also know that manners are not dead and being ugly is not acceptable.

So if someone is being ugly, untruthful or behaving unacceptably -- they are irrelevant.

Which is not to say that someone with a differing opinion is irrelevant. That's not the same thing.  I personally welcome different opinions.  As long as they are truthful and respectful. Because that is actually what makes life great. Debate is good.

So lets give our time, attention and debate to those that have manners.

And more importantly, lets give our time and love to those that love us.  Because there are so many that love and support us on a daily basis. And they deserve much more or our time. If we give them half the attention that the haters get....they will feel very loved.  And aren't they the ones that DESERVE our attention?

That's where our attentions and energy belong.

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