Friday, April 6, 2012

Pinterest Project 3 and 4

Since camping was in the cards for Spring Break, I have been doing projects for that with supplies already on hand.  Although for this one I did go pick up some candles at Goodwill because I had just thrown out all of my candle ends and pieces.  Most moving companies wont pack candles so there was no need to keep them. Or so I thought at the time.

All good camping has a campfire.  Its my favorite part of camping.  But not getting a fire started quickly makes me mad.  And I don't use flammables or cheat.  I'm a Girl Scout, remember. Lol!

But I'm not above making some of my own firestarters!

I had just purged all the files of the things we keep for a year.  After shredding all of that I had a whole bag full of shredded paper.  I had recently pinned some tutorials on pinterest on how to make these so I gave it a shot.

I did some of the empty toilet paper rolls stuffed with lint and paper.  Since I did these last I went ahead and dipped them in my leftover wax also.  I took scraps of fabric from the sewing room and twisted them and dipped them in wax also and then put them in the tube with an end hanging out for a fuse. I think these will work well.

I also did the most popular kind I've the muffin tins. I also used some disposable plastic containers from lunch meat to make some bricks.  These I cut into 6 pieces each after removing from the container.

When I had an wick I could salvage I stuck them down into the muffin ones to make them easy to light also.

This was time consuming but not hard. I wouldn't do it with younger kids simply because of the mess involved -- but that is a personal thing. It would not be hard to do with kids as long as they obeyed basic safety rules.

I will let ya'll know how they worked after our Spring Break Camping!

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