Saturday, March 31, 2012


I've run across a few blogs out there that are doing a monthly "Currently" post. It's a neat idea...especially since I have not been taking any pictures to document the days as they go by. So if I can remember, I am going to start ending the month with a "Currently" post also.

Right now they will be rather depressing, but I hope there will soon be a time when I can look back and see how it all worked for the good.

So - my March Currently

relieved - that we have the retirement check numbers and I think we can keep our heads just above water. We might not thrive...but we will survive.
running - on faith alone
determined - to make ends meet on the retirement check
addicted -  to soda and wishing I wasn't
loving - not much of anything at the moment
making - things for camping season
noticing - that my youngest needs some tough love about being where she has been given permission to be, and nowhere else
thankful - that we got help with the girls lunches at school
proud  - of the things we did prior to retirement that are helping us keep afloat now
watching - nothing!!!! My Walking Dead is over for the season. Arghh!
anxious - for the paycheck that is 28 days late to show up
happy - to have made a big purchase that you will hear more about later
ready - to see my husband find work and to move on into a new life.
working - on downsizing our belongings
marveling - at the mild winter and early spring. LOVE IT!.
wondering - when we will get the missing check, when there will be a job, where we will end up next and how much longer it will take

So what is your life currently like?

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