Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Week Gone

Time is just flying by....while it drags at the same time. Does that make any sense at all?

Each day seems like an eternity with no answers.  Yet I can't believe its been over 5 months since Hubs went to work in the morning.

Ah -- and we found out why our final check was short. Seems they paid our allotments for March....twice.  And its our problem to get the money back from those it was sent to of course.  And its our problem to find out exactly how another branch is going to be taking the money back we "owe" for being overpaid by thousands of dollars.  My gosh.  Can't I just write them a check for what they dumped in my account??? Ugh.

But even with all of that its just business as usual.  Well, maybe that is an exaggeration. Its very low key and close to home business as usual. LOL!

Hubs is considering being shipped off to Afghanistan for a year because it pays insane money...and its not like we've got anything else going on.  Yeah.  Not ready to wrap my mind around that one yet. Does that mean we would be stuck here until he returns?  Eeewww.  Although the money is good.  Really good. Hmmm.  Lots of questions.....

Songbirds High School solo performance and Mouse's school musical are scheduled for the same day and time. Yep.  Yet another reason this school district should be slowly tortured to death.  Unorganized and unprofessional...two very good words....

But everyone is healthy.  We still have a roof over our heads.  We still crack on each other constantly because that is just what we do. Its a sickness I think.

I have a friend that is going through a really tough time right now.  And through it all she draws closer to our Father and grows in her faith.  That is probably exactly what I should be doing also.  I am very much in awe of her faith and spirit.

Fail. Prayers have gone unanswered so I stopped asking. That's a no right?  I hate it when my kids ask me for something over and over. So I don't.  The loudest no is a silent no in my book.

So I'm just waiting for whatever the yes is.  I'm actually getting pretty good at the waiting thing.  I might not like it, but its not that bad.

So another week is gone.  Wonder what next week will bring.


  1. You are an amazing source of strength and encouragement to me in my walk with God. No two people's faith looks the same and everyone responds to trials differently. You are handling this current chaos with a strength that I envy.

    And on a side note, thanks for calming me down last night and giving me direction and thanks for doing the same with my oldest today. :)