Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Slappin' Myself in the Forehead

I am about ready to put out a contract on Murphy.  Oh yes I am.

We finally got paid!!!


You knew that was coming, right?

We got a nice big deposit of 11K.

Because apparently we are still active duty.

Ummm. But we are not.

Oh they know that, that's why they held it for 4 pay cycles before depositing it.


So they will adjust the number to "xyz".  (Except that number is half of what they owe us so we are having to fight to get it recalculated) just not paying us until all the money is accounted for.

So, we don't get a check for like 8 months.

But Autumn, why is that a problem since they dumped that deposit in your account???

Well, that would be because I don't have exact figures on what we get from retirement AND after paying bills we are actually living off of investment funds we cashed in.  Which means I no longer am sure exactly what my numbers are.

That probably doesn't sound like a big deal to some, but it is.  I need to know how much we are bleeding out of that investment money and this royally screws up my checking account.  (And yes it is still doable but its going to be a lot more work on my part -- and I'm lazy.)

My question is - WHY did they ever deposit this money and make an accounting nightmare for everyone involved? WHY not just do it right? They know its wrong and they did it anyways.

Oh wait, oh wait until these are the people paying your healthcare bills Joe Public.  You have no idea what you asked for.



  1. Ummm.... just for the record, I did NOT ask for the government sponsored/driven healthcare. And I got royally screwed when my company reupped the contract for medical insurance this year. Royally.

  2. That sucks!! Is that directly because of the government mesh coming?

    And really, 99.% of the people that would read this blog did not support that crap.