Monday, December 7, 2009

Lip Butter: A Review

I posted a give-away by Great Cakes Soapworks not that long ago. I really love Amy's products so I wanted to let others know.

It so happened that I ended up being one of the winners!

I picked the Limeaide flavor and Amy had it to me right away. Some of you might remember that you had to do a review of the product for her if you won. Well, just before this post I answered her review questions and sent them back to her.

I now want to share my review with my friends here also.

Now, I am not a lipstick wearer. I don't like the way it feels on my lips. It makes me want to keep licking them. And I don't like the taste of lipstick either.

Same goes for chapstick type products. They are waxy, smell gross and taste gross.

Along comes hubs and he uses the stuff all the time. His most common was Carmex. Oh yuck. The smell! But he always did have nice soft lips....while mine were chapped very often.

Over the years I've tried many products and just never found anything I liked. I did start keeping a Burts Bees in my car. Getting in and out in winter climates (Iceland, Nebraska, Ohio) really did dry my lips out and make them hurt. The Burts Bees feels decent and smells good...but it is a little grainy. And just a little waxy. And I also keep a stick on my nightstand to use right before I go to bed.

So, when I found out I won and Amy was sending me a stick, I was almost sorry. But I did have a little hope that it would be okay since I LOVE her soaps.

I began my 7 day test last weekend. As soon as I opened my stick I LOVED the smell. Its even better than Burts Bees lime that I keep in the car. The feel was so soft and smooth. Lip Butter is the perfect name for the product.

Seeing my reaction, hubs and MM also wanted to try it. Thus began a week of me fighting off MM and chasing her down to get it back and find out where she stashed it. Also, hubs was sharing my stick with me when we were out and about...instead of vice versa.

After three days I was totally hooked on the stuff. I was wearing it multiple times a day even if I didn't go anywhere. This is not normal for me. I remember it more than I remember my phone when I leave the house...and have given the teen my Burt's Bees.

If you don't like the waxy stuff either, I highly recommend giving this product a try. You will not be sorry. No waxy feel. No nasty smell or taste.

My one and only complaint is that I don't live close to Amy. I'd love to be able to go pick up a bunch of product and skip the shipping charges.

Oh well.

Guess I'll have to buy several at a time.

Oh darn. Isn't that a shame?

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