Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 5: Christmas Cards

Do you send them?

We send a crazy amount each year. And each year I try and talk hubs into dropping this name or that - it seems so pointless to send to those we never hear from. Add the card, the labels and the my time and I find some names aren't worthy of the list. But he resists every year. And I've tried dumping it in his lap when he does. Them be some pretty fireworks. So I'm stuck sending them anyways. (Least some strong womens lib type try to lecture me on this....HE is the only one bringing in a paycheck. He IS the boss.)

Back to the subject at hand. Christmas cards! Love pretty ones. And lately I find I am partial to the homemade ones. I don't make them though. I'd have to start in January to do as many as we would need.

But I like receiving them.

How about you? Do you send or do you not? Card or letter? Or both? Are you a picture card kind of person? Now that is smart multitasking.

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  1. Yep, we send them out every year! Some years a newsletter, some years a family photo (or just pictures of the girls), some years a card...just depends. And like you, we have quite a few who don't reciprocate. Last year we created an email newsletter with lots of pictures for most of the people on our list. It was OK. It was nice not to address envelopes, but I still like to be a bit more personal!