Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 13: Sleds and Sleighs

I am happy to say we DON"T need a sled around here. I'm feeling sorry for my Nebraska and Iowa friends with all the snow they got this last week. No thank you!!! The cold is bad enough!

When we do get snow we have a stellar sled hill at the end of our street. It's nice not to have to go far...but stopping at a coffee shop for hot cocoa afterwards was always one of the biggest highlights of a sledding day. At least I have a big batch of hot cocoa mix already made and just waiting for the day.

Growing up I was mostly in places like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas...not many snow memories for me. Hubs has several that he shares coming fro Illinois. In Iceland you could just take the truck out and play..never even needed the sled. But digging out is no fun! LOL! (And I don't play in vehicles...too afraid to die in one.) How about you? Do you have any cool sledding memories?

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