Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 8: Gingerbread

When we lived in Germany, we all looked forward to Christmas as it brought the Kris Kringle market in the large towns like Frankfurt. Our family would travel to one of these markets...usually with the B family I think.

They take their gingerbread seriously over there. I LOVED going to the gingerbread stands and picking out a piece for under the tree. We also loved all the ornaments stands and brochen (bread) stands. Kris Kringle Markets are one of those childhood memories that I cherish.

Here in the states gingerbread just doesn't have the same reputation. That's probably a good thing since hubs hates ginger. LOL!

I keep telling myself I should get one of those kits to do a house with the kids. I almost did this year...but they are rather expensive. I remember and aunt did these when I was very little, and mom gave it a try a time or two. Maybe next year.

How about you? Do you like gingerbread? Do you make a gingerbread house at Christmas?


  1. I love to look at gingerbread houses, but I can only stand to eat about half of one gingerbread cookie every few years. Plus, the thought of eating something that has sat out like that turns my stomach! Because of that, and the mommy guilt that comes of not making them with my children, we have often made graham cracker houses instead. Much easier and more fun if you ask me. :)

  2. Hudson and I LOVE gingerbread. And he loves to make the houses, too. However I am not crafty in the slightest-- what I see in my head is not what comes out of my hands! :) So I have to splurge for the kit and it makes Hudson so happy! :)

  3. I don't actually like gingerbread, but I made a house in Home Ec, when I was in high school, and it was really fun! I haven't ever managed to make one with my kids though.

  4. I'm with Tricia - the thought of eating something that has been sitting out grosses me out. We make ours out of graham crackers and cheat with hot glue - no eating of the "gingerbread" houses around here! You'll have to watch for pics, cause we do it every year.
    However, I do LOVE to eat gingerbread men, cookies, gingersnaps - ginger in whatever form I can get it!