Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3: Christmas Trees

As a family we have only a few "traditions". I think everyone would agree that our favorite is putting up the tree. I get the dubious pleasure of setting it up and stringing all the lights. When that is completed (and it usually takes a full day) we then have a tree trimming night.

Tree trimming night is fun because we have lots of snacks and eggnog.

We also get the kids a new ornament each year that somehow represents the year just past. For example, this year MM got a school bus ornament with her name and year on it as she started school. Songbird got a music related ornament that she had "Solo 2009" put on. Each year the kids can't wait to get their box and put their ornaments on the tree before helping with all the others. There are lots of "remember this!!!" conversations. And when each child leaves home to set up their own household, they have a box full of ornaments to get their tree started with.

So lets take a trip around the web and see other trees.
Ooops. That's my photo fail. See, this is me showing off my mad skillz as a photographer...being attacked by a rat....because I am in said rats being on the floor. It wants a kiss. Ewww.
Now here's a tree! Better's a mantle to die for! One day...
Is that a birds nest as a tree topper??
Kid free zone????

Talk about the perfect spot for an out of the way tree! I had to push my whole living room out of the way just to get a tree in this year! Now that looks like my idea of retirement. Log cabin anyone?
The Blue room at the White House.


  1. Our tree is going up in stages this year and of course the girls want to be involved in every step of the process. :) Tuesday, we set up the tree and put the lights and garland on. Friday, we hope to get all the ornaments on and then Saturday I hope to get all the rest of the decorations out. I would have much preferred getting it all done in one setting, but at least it is getting done.

  2. I loved seeing all of these trees! So beautiful. I love the idea of giving the ornament to represent the year.