Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 21: Presents!

By now your tree is starting to be crowded with presents right? Or at least there are a few out? A tree just looks better surrounded by the pretty wrapping paper and bows.

I've been done shopping for awhile. I love not having to shop during the last two weeks especially. It's crazy out there!!! Not fun! Even on my normally calm, during the day, during the weeks trips. Reminds me how spoiled I usually am to have the stores mostly to myself during normal work/school hours.

I've been looking into alternatives to using just wrapping paper all the time. It's just getting too expensive. So far I'm pretty good at hitting the after Christmas sales at 90% off on paper...but you have to know where to go as it flies off the shelf at 50% also. Being in a new place I don't know where that deal is to be had.

For my Waco friends...Joanne's will do 90% and isn't over shopped. Just watch. I didn't pay more than a dollar for any of my wrap I bought there last year.

Whoops! Wrong paper. (Seriously! If I'm coming over, you don't have to put out the "special paper" for me. Plain white is just fine.)

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