Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 14: LIGHTS

I can't have a bunch of picture posts and not do lights! Lights are probably my favorite part of Christmas season. I use way too many on my tree. Yet...we don't do the outside of the house. Now, this is not the hubs fault really. I have fought him on it for years. He'd really like to do outside lights.

I know its a little weird, but I have a real problem burning all that electricity when so many people have none. I'm really not sure how I got all hung up on this....although we have lived plenty where an increase in the electric bill made the difference between real food or cornbread and beans for a week.

In Nebraska hubs really tried. But in Nebraska he was never home. I told him I was not going to pull them down myself (afraid of heights) and they were not staying up for 3-6 months at a time. NO. Now, since he's had back surgery, I haven't wanted him crawling around on a ladder and the roof. I don't think that is going to hold him off much longer though.

To add to my strangeness here, I love seeing houses all decked out. It does not bother me if other people string the lights. LOL. No explanation. Serious double standard? Yep.

So tell me about your lights. Do you cover the tree or are you more refined and tasteful? Do you cover your house outside? If so I want to see a picture!

On to the photos from the web!


  1. I'm with you on the waste of electricity, but I do love to see them. I guess the double standard is living here too. I put up three strands around the front porch poles one time. That is as much as we have ever done outside. We have a prelit fake tree, so inside is taken care of...
    But I do have some really great memories of driving around looking at the really amazing light displays when I was a kid. I guess I need to find one around here to show my kids. Except I'm not suppose to drive yet, and hubby works nights. Oh well!