Thursday, April 30, 2009

Texas Bluebonnets 2009

My Bluebonnet pictures didn't go so well this year. I ended up with shadows on MM face in most of them. I did try taking pictures from all different directions, but somehow I just didn't do good this year.

There also weren't as many flowers out behind the dam this year. I was really surprised since there were so many last year.

We also went later in the season, which means the grass and weeds had grown up pretty tall all in and around the flowers. This makes the flowers stand out less. Note to self - go as soon as they come up!

Love the above shot. It is so Mighty Mouse. Always thinking about something...and trying to decide wether she is going to co-operate or not.
Surprise pose. She started cheering in the middle of the shot. Turned out cute.

Sigh. This kid is just too beautiful. And pensive. Can't wait to see what she is like as an adult.


  1. Yes, she is beautiful. I think your pics turned out great!

  2. I absolutely love the last pic of her!

  3. I miss the blue bonnets from our Austin days. They don't grow well in east Texas(we're in Longview now) so we rarely see them unless someone has really taken care to grow some.

    MM is just gorgeous and yes you can tell she has some spunk to her!LOL

  4. Oh she is too beautiful. That last photo is breathtaking.

  5. Thanks for your support on my blog, Autumn!

    And I'd like to know what your "big news" is.....

  6. She is so pretty! I really love the last picture too. No bluebonnets, but a very clear picture of your beautiful girl.