Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Autumn Asks: Have You Ever Been to Antigua?

I'd love to go visit this island. I love beaches and laid back communities. They have 365 beaches on this and the neighboring islands. This means the beaches are not overcrowded even though Antigua is on almost every cruise ship stop in the Caribbean. Speaking of cruises...would love to go on one. Sigh.

• Ethnicity: As opposed to other Caribbean Islands that are ethnically diverse, Antigua and Barbuda’s inhabitants are mostly descendants of the African Slaves that the British brought to the islands to work in the Sugar plantations. This African Influence can be seen in many aspects of the islands daily living.
• Language: English is the official language of the nation, but Creole is widely spoken in the islands. Antiguan Creole includes many words and sayings that trace their origin direct from Africa.
• Religions: Because of the British influence on Antigua's culture, the majority of people on the island are Christians, and the official religion is Anglican. However, several other religions are practiced on the island including Catholicism, Islam, Bahai, and Rastafarianism.

So while we are here, why don't we park our luggage at a hotel on the beach....

Or a cute little cabin.

Then we can take in some activities that the island has to offer....

like snorkeling....

and other water sports....

Or a boat ride...

If you aren't up to much, we can always go for a walk on any number of beaches in the area.

Later we can walk into town and take in the local color.

I'm sure while we are there we will run across many interesting things to photograph.

We can enjoy the local culture.

And fall in love with the children.

And of course enjoy the food. I hear they have a pineapple native to the island that is very good. I love pineapple. The Antiguan Beef Stew is supposed to be devine also.

All too soon it will be time to pack our suitcases back up and return home. To the dishes. And the laundry. And the schedule.

But the blue skies and crystal clear waters will remain in our minds....for the days when Calgon just isn't enough.

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