Thursday, April 9, 2009

Autumn Asks: What Have You Said That You'd Never Have Believed Would Come Out Of Your Mouth??

How about:

Meet our new pets. The chickens.

Nope. Not kidding.

Actually, I haven't gone over the edge yet. There is a reasonable explanation.

See, I'm not supposed to eat regular eggs. I have to have free range, etc. The chickens that lay the regular eggs are fed a feed that is full of wheat and others stuffs I'm not supposed to I was told to stay away from them and buy the other eggs. You know, the expensive ones.

Anyways. So I have a friend that has similar problems and girls with similar problems. They have a little bit of property and do not live smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood like we do. So, they raise their chickens for their eggs.

Mighty Mouse loves those chickens. And even more, she likes to hunt for the eggs. So my friend always left a few eggs ungathered so that Mighty Mouse could hunt them with her girls when we came over. Now that's a good friend.

But something killed all the chickens last winter so they had to start all over this spring. So my friend asked if she could pick MM up when she went to pick out the chicks so that MM could pick one out too. And of course Songbird wanted to go also. (Poor, poor city kids)

So, I offered to give the girls money to "buy" one each since they were picking up 4 more.

So, when we were finally able to get to the feed store before they were sold out (yes, apparently everyone wants to raise chickens this year....the feed stores sell out in a day!!). MM picked out a chicken for herself and her sister (who had a track meet and was bummed not to get to come). She paid for "her" chicks and they were packaged up.

Then, we delivered them to Mrs. B's chicken coop.

And I have two very happy children.

How sad is that????? LOL!!!!!

And no, they really aren't our chickens. The $2 for the chicks will in no way cover their care at Mrs. B's - but they give us their excess eggs so I thought it would be a good idea to pay for two of theirs. But don't tell my girls.

And its been good for laughs.

Songbird: I want to name my chicken.

Mom: Seriously??

Songbird: Yep. I'm naming it Paco.

Mom: Aaahh. Paco, the chicken Taco.

Songbird: GASP!!! MOMMMMM! drama...drama...drama.......

Mom: Well. You really shouldn't name your food.

Songbird: Major drama.

Oh well, maybe it was traumatic for her....but I thought it was hilarious!!


  1. Oh, they're YOUR chickens. Definitely. Hee hee.

  2. Funny diaglogue! Glad you're going to get better priced eggs now! We had chickens in our middle-of-the-neighborhood home when I was young. My sister and had SO MUCH fun with them. We loved collecting eggs, and we even painted their toenails once. :)

  3. LOVE love love free range eggs! We have a mom in our raw milk co-op who is now selling our group about 10 dozen a week and will be buying more to keep up with our demands! I wish we could have them in the city limits but we can't(have to be 50 feet from any buildings and we don't have room at all). We pay $2/dozen which is eggcellent!!


  4. I am so jealous! I want to have chickens so very badly. My husband vetoes that idea every time I mention it. (and the fact that the military moves us every two years doesn't help much) Luckily, while he is deployed, I have moved back "home" and near friends who have chickens. My kids are thrilled, and I am certainly enjoying the fresh eggs!
    Enjoy your new pets.

  5. LOL! That's great, Paco the chicken taco. My dad used to bring home baby ducks. I named two of them starsky and hutch. I think they were both female.