Monday, April 13, 2009

Autumn Asks: What Does Autumn Need?

I ran across a post at 8 Things About Me about what she needs.

Okay, not really.

She put her name into google search followed by needs and then copied down the first 10 results. It was funny. So being the geek that I am, I tried it to.

So what does Autumn need?

1. Autumn needs a home where people will be with her -

2. Autumn needs a middle name.
(Nope. Got one. A family one. That is all you need to know.)
3. Autumn needs adoption.
(Hmmm. Maybe I'm being tossed out of my current home? Wait! I know just who to call!!!! It doesn't get more exotic than me!!)
4. Autumn needs a Trim Tree of Life.
(Love all things Celtic. My roots are showing.)

5. Autumn needs your help.
(Always. I'll take all the help I can get.)
6. Autumn needs to be a Cover Girl Model.
(I think they got the wrong Autumn that time. Maybe Autumn 20 years ago.)

7. Autumn needs YOU.
(And Michael Jackson does too. If you are a little boy.)

8. Autumn needs guitar player.
(Well. I have always had a thing for the boys in the band.)

9. Autumn needs the following info for your demand to count.
( I don't do demands. Just ask hubby.)
10. Autumn needs intensity in makeup to match intensity in coloring.

Tell it sister.

So what do you need??


  1. Too funny. And I am crazy about the Angelina photo and caption! That is great.

  2. Why must you do this to me? :) I HAD to try this and here are a couple: Amy need A LOT and Amy needs to pee. The latter is most definitely true at this stage of pregnancy!