Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Zoo Day

I was surprised today by all the teens suggesting a trip to the zoo as something to do. But then again the Omaha Zoo is one of the best I have ever been to.

Songbird wanted to spend time with her friend Morgan so I was prepared to drop her off. Morgan also suggested the zoo so we packed up the car and picked her up also.

The funny part about this group is that they were all in the same Girl Scout troop when they were little. It was like a little reunion. Especially since Tricia and I were the leaders. Lol.

It was hot!!! We mostly did indoor exhibits.

Funny thing is that Mouse really doesn't remember all her zoo days from when she was little so it was like a first visit ever.

Big sister got a kick out of showing it all to her. A very nice break from the usual sibling bickering.

I believe Mouse liked the aquarium best. That's my favorite also.

Phone camera doesn't show well but these little jellyfish lay upside down on the ocean floor. Really cool looking. Hate to step on that mess though.

We called it quits after the gorilla house. There was so much more we could have seen but two of the group were fading fast.

The rest of the day consisted of friends and air conditioning.

There was a room full of toenail painting.

And some crazy fakes too. There was puzzle making and game playing.

Butterfly made an awesome Asian noodle stir fry. She is a great cook.

We opted out of Fremont's fireworks display and called it a night instead.

A fun but hot day.

Day two down.

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