Thursday, July 26, 2012

Travel Top 10

Its good to be home...even though I wish this wasn't "home". Does that make any sense? I'm just ready to move on to whatever is next in life and leave this last chapter in the military and separating BEHIND.

                                       So how about a quick Late Night Top 10?

                          Top 10 Reasons Why My 4500 Mile Vacation Did Not Suck

10. My kids automatically think "go for a ride" will be at least 10 hours in the car. So trained.

9. When car troubles arose...prayer warriors conquered them from states and states away.

8. I met internet friends for the first time ever...and they were even better/greater than I expected them to be.

7. I was not able to stay too long in any one place as I had so many places to go to. Short and sweet.

6. Cash vacation baby. Okay so it was originally saved for an overseas trip...but whatever.

5.  I managed to miss the hottest of times with my timing. Not sure how that worked out so well in my favor but it sure was great. Albuquerque was downright cool in the evening.

4. Any trip where the Purple Ponies make an appearance can be nothing less than spectacular. Bottoms up girls.

3. I was able to see my son!

2. I was able to make it to see my bestest friend in the whole world after not setting eyes on her in person for 15 years.  And it felt like yesterday instead.


The Number one reason my 4500 mile vacation did not suck:

Because both my girls can do a "bathroom only" pit stop in under six minutes. No joke.

Beat that my friends.

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