Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Travel Through The Heartland

Day one of our Epic girls only vacation. Mostly just a travel day.

Early morning travel through the misty morning fields of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois was amazing and breath taking. There is no way to actually describe with words the layers of colors, the softened edges and the quality of light. You have to see it.

It sure makes for a beautiful drive.
A relaxing drive.

We stopped for lunch when we crossed into Iowa.

Home of the weird corn sculptures.

We made a stop at Coralville Iowa to meet up with my blog friend Heather from Want What You Have. It was a great stop and I wish we were neighbors!

The girls all got along famously and had lots to talk about apparently.

Then it was back on the road to get to Nebraska.

Unfortunately not long after that a warning light popped up on the dash and started dinging at me. It took over 10 minutes to find a truck stop to pull over and investigate since we were in the middle of nowhere.

I read the car manual and checked the tires as it was a tire pressure warning. Everything looked good.

I was nervous as we were still 4 hours out from Fremont.

So I did what I always do in scary situations and called in the prayer warriors. And then I made a call to Hubs and discussed the situation. I decided to press on.

And in short order after getting. Ack on the road the light went off. Go Ponies.

And after a few more unplanned stops we finally made it to Fremont just before 10 pm.

Day one down.

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  1. Ugh nothing worse than those lights popping up in the middle of a long trip. I remember my check engine popping up when we were PCSing from Idaho to Arizona.

    That first picture you posted is GORGEOUS, oh my goodness :)

    Enjoy your time :)

  2. ONE WEEK!!! One week away and YOU and the ponies will be reunited! Makes me want to sing..."Reunited and it feels so good"! Praying for continued safety.

  3. I wish we were neighbors too! I was so glad you stopped to visit us. Have a great trip!