Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wild Things, Bush's Chicken, The Great Gum Incident of 2012 And Epic Breadness

Actually the title sounds more exciting and longer than the day - so don't be too disappointed!!

We started our day over at Kylie's house as she very generously allowed me to do our laundry at her place. It was smelling up our van y'all. Like a nasty teenaged boy. Except we didn't even have one with us.

Mouse had a great time playing zoo with Kylie's 3. So much so that she is now all on fire to get home and set up her own zoo with her own animals. So cute. (but seriously- she is only going to have a bug house since all her stuffed Animals are ladybugs)

Since Kylie happens to be The wife of Songbirds youth pastor in Waco, she also ended up with an invitation to join her old friends at summer camp this year.

As this is the last year she will have such an opportunity and she missed church camp last year, I felt it would be good to make it happen. So after some number crunching, schedule changing, calendar checking and several phone calls and emails it was determined that I could make it work.

After leaving the beautiful home of my friend we headed for Crack Chicken. I mean Bush's. For some reason Hubs and Songbird love this stuff. I mean REALLY love it. So much so that I had to text the above pic to Hubs just to tease him. Cause I'm just mean that way.

Then it was a quick shopping trip. Songbird was not packed for church camp. So we hit a few thrift stores and consignment places to find what she needed.

During all this Mouse kept not keeping her feet in her shoes and being a pain. I kept telling her to stop and wear her shoes right but she pretty much ignored me when I wasn't looking. (This has been going on for years as she cant stand to wear shoes.).

After an amazing crash I turned around to find my child had fallen and skinned her knees and was crying. I was all kinds of put out because it was the shoe thing again. But this time she learned a lesson.

We call this The Great Gum Incidence of 2012. Somehow a wad of freshly chewed gum was involved. A strangers gum. And no it wasn't on her shoe. Somehow it was either on her calf or thigh when she fell and ended up smeared all down that leg after being smash between the two On a hot summer day and on a hot little body.

It. Was. Beyond. Gross.

This is after 1/2 hour trying to remove it back at the car. It was so bad. We tried pulling it off, picking it off, using wipes to wipe it off, covering it in lotion, using nail polish remover and even coving it in cotton balls to help have something to help pull it off. Finally we gave up. I told her the pool and a shower would finish the job.

(I was not carrying peanut butter or ice or any of the other old standbys for gum. And I was NOT putting her in my car like that to go find such. )

For dinner we met up with big brother! Mouse misses him so much. Mom does too but the beard was yucky. Lol.

But I took pictures for hubs as he will have beard envy. What is it with guys and beards?? Yuck!

And of course we ended the night with a swim and a shower which did kill off the rest of the gum.

And we made it through day 10!

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  1. I have been reading, but missed a few day lately b/c I had company. I had to comment on the shoe thing. My boys are going through the same thing. I cannot keep shoes on them either. Thankfully, we have managed to avoid gum, but I have empathy about keeping feet covered!

    I love the story about GPS vs. Maps. Andy and I argue about that all the time - I am def. going to teach the boys to be prepared to use the old standby!

    Keep having fun!