Monday, July 16, 2012

Four Years Of Fun

Sadly, the owners of the lake house are selling the place. It's been an amazing four years of get-togethers there and we will miss it.

Lots of fun times. No telling what we will replace it with. maybe it's time to start traveling? That could be fun.

I stuck around with the last group to leave. Since I don't usually do a meal I like to help out with clean up and shut down.

But all too soon it was time to go. And the hour and a half drive is the perfect amount of time to decompress from decompressing. Lol. I enjoyed most of the drive and even the Texas rainstorms. What a nice change from last years drought.

I had a migraine and had to pull over for awhile. But before long I was back in DFW.

And somebody wouldn't let me out of her site.

Songbird has already been delivered to camp so I won't see her until Friday.

So I will spend an extra day at the grandparents before heading to Athens.

Going to keep it low key as I am wearing myself out!!

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  1. Autumn, we had such a fun time!!! I will miss you, sweet friend!