Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hot Springs

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Today we decided to go into historical Hot Springs. The girls needed tshirts for a painting craft Nano has for them.

We walked around downtown also and browsed the tourist shops.

I love all the old architectural extras on the old buildings. It's my favorite part of any old city we visit.

Maybe I was a stone mason in a former life. Lol.

For dinner Songbird wanted to go to her favorite ecuadorean place. The food is always fantastic. I love the flavors they combine.

The only other excitement for the day was having the exterminator come out to moms. She found an area where something was chewing the ceiling tiles in the sun room. I was afraid of termites but it ended up being ants - which had already died for some reason. Anyways she now has a service which is good because she literally lives in the forest and there are carpenter ants all around.

I only share because EVERY time we come to see mom something breaks or needs repair on some manner. It's almost scary. At least it wasn't air conditioning this time.

Tomorrow we will stay indoors and get crafty. Fun. And Wednesday we are heading for home!

Day 22 down.

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