Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gimping Around

We took it fairly easy today.

In the morning we video Skyped with daddy. It was fun calling the digs names and watching them freak out and look for us.

Songbird took off with a friend afterwards and Mouse and I went to TaDonnas for a bit. This gave Mouse a chance to play with Peyton. Those little play breaks are key on a long trip.

Mouse and I did a little shopping while Songbird went to youth.

Somehow I managed to bruise the top of my foot and I cant wear shoes or even my sandals. So I'm stuck with two of the ugliest pair of flip flops known to man. I had a sudden impulse right before leaving at 4 in the morning to throw those flops into the floorboards. I can't even tell you why really as they are a little too big and are just ugly.

Thank goodness I did.

And I've had no luck finding a nice looking replacement. Oh well. I've never been fashionable - nobody will probably even notice. Lol.

I know my count is off - I think today is actually day 10 down.

Whatever. It's not even half over!

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