Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maps and Birthdays

Another long road trip day. The GPS was telling me 13 hours. But the routes it kept giving me made no sense. So I pulled the atlas out of the car and found a different way that made more sense to me. I ran it up on the Mapquest site and it showed me saving an hour. It was worth a try.

So Songbird got some practice at reading a real map as a co-pilot. And we discussed the limits of the GPS and why it's good to know how to truly use a map. And I'm not talking about passing a test in Social Studies class. And now she knows why I used the GPS, carried the atlas AND had a computer printed map and different directions from the Internet. Parents - teach your kids to road travel in a manner that will empower them with choices and keep drama at bay!!

So I saved an hour and a half. And that's not counting all the stops we made.

Plus my child got a lesson in Texas friendly. I had to laugh when Mouse would ask me "Do you KNOW that person??". No baby, that's just real customer service served up deep Texas style. So nice to be home!!

We made such good time that Songbird was able to go have dinner and watch a movie with her best friend.

Mouse and I were able to go crash the birthday dinner of two of my favorite Ponies.

I can't believe I made it. I've missed all the others for the past three years.

We ate at Hotel Indigo. A very nice place. Drinks were stupid overpriced. Service was pretty much non-existent. Food was very excellent. Compliments to the chef. Fire everyone else please.

And day nine was conquered.

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