Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Midwestern Fourth

Not alot to blog about today.

Being that it was the fourth and our trip plans were solidified late...our hostesses had plans.  See, they are going to Nationals Fine Arts again this year and need to raise money to make that work. The fourth they set up a lemonade stand along the parade route in a town in Nebraska.

Mouse wanted to join them as she is fascinated with the whole selling lemonade thing. She's been asking to do so at home so when the girls asked if she could join them it was a big yes.

Mouse made fast friends with the 8 year-old of the family they spent the day with.  I knew this family through my friend and Girl Scouts from years ago when we lived in Omaha.  So it was neat seeing the pictures of the two girls that I remember as 2 year olds.

Since little Miss M is a Girl Scout she was walking in the town parade. Knowing that Mouse is a Girl Scout they checked with the leader and got permission for Mouse to join them.  So Mrs. Andrea....3**80 was represented in Nebraska this 4th!
Songbird and I opted out of the parade and sitting outside. I know, I know.  What spoil sports. Whatever.

We went shopping instead. Not serious shopping just wandering around at old haunts...and of course there was a stop at Half Price Books.

Butterfly made up a great 4th of July feast of hamburgers and hot dogs with potato salad and coleslaw. Perfect.

By that evening when we all returned home we were all beat.  But not too beat for ice cream! Butterfly showed me how to make ice cream at home.  We made peach, chocolate and vanilla.  It was so awesome!!

Again we skipped the fireworks as we were all worn out.

And day three is done!

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