Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dallas in the Rear View

Leaving another location.

I let Mouse get in one last swim before leaving her grandma's. Actually we got a much later start than I originally planned. We were around long enough to have lunch with Uncle Nate and cousin Ali.

I also made a very important stop to pick up hair supplies for my mom. Now that she is retired and doesn't have a license her friends have to be her "dealer" and the all live in DFW.

But now I have reached the land of dogs. Mouse and I are hanging out in east Texas with family for a couple of days. And family here consists of the dog pack which act like people. They are a riot.

This is tiny Cricket. She is a love.

So this will be our most kicked back and relaxed leg of our journey. It's perfect timing as I'm pretty tired. I just never sleep as well when you are away from home.

Mouse is enjoying the Skyping with daddy. I ended up having to add more data to my plan to accommodate all the Skyping but it keeps everyone happy.

There probably won't be much to write about until Friday when we pick Songbird up from camp.

Time to go sit out with the wind chimes and fur people and enjoy some peace.

And 16 days down.

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