Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zombie Duck

So how is your horror movie fest going? What? You don't watch those???? LOL!

Yes, I'm a little off. It's an Autumn thing.

So it wasnt a banner week this week Lots of boring movies. I did manage to sneak in a couple of oldies just to shake it off.

So what was on the menu this week?

Monster Island
Its Carmen Electra and MTV. Need I say more?
Big bugs and they didn't even try to make it scary really. It was a fun flick that was every bit as bad as you'd expect. And the guy? Of course he gets the girl in the end.

Mulberry Street
Infected rats bite people who turn into crazy rat like zombie things. This is actually a good one. If you like zombie flicks you will like this one.

Ring of Darkness
Boy Band Zombies. Not kidding. If you have a disdain for boy bands this movie will crack you up. All the video cameos and pretty boy shots are hysterical. But its okay. They are really zombies under all that make-up. NOW the world makes sense.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
Classic British zombie flick from the 70's. Worth a watch if you like the genre.

Bunch of "dancers" and their manager get wrecked on Spider Island. Once you are bitten you are either dead or you turn into a spider like creature. This movie was actually lots of fun just because of the girls and their various stages of undress (but not fully). And there is a good cat fight of course. And the handsome men that show up to rescue them and run around the rest of the movie without their shirts. (Not the same effect as current day shirtless guys.)

The Giant Gila Monster

One I used to like as a kid. If you own a Roku box you can have the Pub-D-Hub channel. This is all the stuff that is old enough to be public domain. Most of the old ones like this you will see have come from watching Pub-D-Hub.

The Legend of Bloody Mary

Exactly what you would expect it to be. No surprises here.

Alien Invasion Arizona

Prisoners being transported escape with hostages. But man did they escape in the wrong place.

The Video Dead
Zombies come out of the tv.

Can you say double tap?


  1. Oh my gosh...boy band horror movies. I personally think that boy bands are horrific enough by themselves.

    My husband loves the classic Universal monster movies from the 30s, and we have most of them on DVD. He always wants me to watch them with him, and I just don't find them scary at all. In fact, I laugh my head off through most of them. I guess the kitschiness is part of the appeal.

  2. Carmen Electra AND Nick Carter? Together? In a film? Whoa!

    That in and of itself is a horror show!